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By Mauri740
I have a lot of Browning cameras: three Recon Force Platinum BTC-7FHD-P and three Spec Ops Platinum BTC-8FHD-P. I have noticed that the temperature of all my Spec Ops cameras, is always wrong and indicates altered values, instead the Recon Force show the ​​correct values. I think that the incorrect value, is shown with external temperatures below 0°C. Do you have any way to understand what this problem is due to?
Below a Ytube video showing the wrong temperature.
By UserName
How many degrees the temperature reading is off?
By picdic
holy crap! get that entered in the cold weather challenge. -26220 C!!!!!!! and pretty good promo for the batteries too.

yeah, the brownings seem to have temperature inaccuracy issues. both of mine do, my strikeforce and my recon force advantage. never by THAT much though, usually like 5 degrees or so.
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By reaperman
I wasn’t aware they made 5 digit thermometers
By wpshooter
Almost every trail camera that I have had from Browning (and that has been a fairly large number) has had this problem with the temperatures being shown as ridiculously impossible numbers (some in the 64,000 degrees range). I have communicated this problem to Browning on numerous occasions and yet the cameras continue to have this problem. Browning seems to try to blame the problem on some type of mis-reading of thermals of the objects the camera is viewing. However, to me this has to be some type of weird software coding issue in the firmware of the cameras which unfortunately Browning is not willing to explore with the developers of the firmware coders for these cameras. Again, most likely what we get for depending on CHINA !!! THANKS, CHINA. I am thinking about switching to another brand of camera in the future, perhaps Spypoint. And I might say that if you are writing code and you have a result in the range of 64,000 degrees, you have a routine in the software that says "hey this is impossible, we should not be displaying a temperature that is hotter than the surface of the sun". Sorry, actually there is a minus in front of the number, so this might be considered somewhat below absolute zero and not hotter than the surface of the sun.

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