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By ghost1
Greetings all. I'm new to forum and trail cam ownership. I recently made a purchase and after a month on tree, a woodpecker found it and damaged the Fresnel lens cover. I am including a couple of pics and hoping someone can direct me where I might find a replacement or substitute.

【2020 Upgrade】 Campark Mini Trail Camera T20-1
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By reaperman
I'll be watching, I had the same thing happen with two of my cams this fall. I think it was the same bird because the cams were only about 30 yds apart. I left them in the woods and only recently pulled one damaged camera. The other is still out there, however they aren't as bad as yours. I recall some guys used some kind of caulking material?

I had another older camera lose the same battle about 6 years ago. I never fixed that one at all because I really didn't care if it died. But its been working ever since.
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By Anthony
Why don't you try this camera homebrew shop and check with "Gary
to see if they have a Fresnel that might fit your camera and get advise on gluing it in properly.
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Thanks for the help Anthony.