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By reaperman
This twin pack of cameras showed up on a deal website a little while ago, so I bit. The two cameras together cost a whopping $16. The pair was marked down from around $75 retail. Time will tell if they are worth the $75 or the actual cost of $16.
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By CanadaJack
For 16 bucks what the heck. Do they take videos or just pics?
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By reaperman
CanadaJack wrote: Thu Mar 04, 2021 9:49 am For 16 bucks what the heck. Do they take videos or just pics?
Good thing you asked, I looked over the info and it says if I register the cams within 30 days the replacement warranty doubles to 2 years. I guess it does both photo and video. I haven't messed around with the cams yet. Its finally warming up, when they arrived we were in the middle of a nasty 3 week cold spell.
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By dbaxter
Wosoda might be right up there with Reconyx! :mrgreen:
Do they fizz when taking pics? :P
Are they caffeine free? :lol:

Good luck with them. Keep us posted on how they do for you.
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By reaperman
I'll put one out this weekend now that it warmed up and see what happens. Gee, I hope nobody steals one.
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