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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Tue Feb 02, 2021 9:24 am We are also working on some new types of data plans and as well some new carriers for this year.
Would new carriers be in addition to the two current ones or would it be replacing existing? Id think it would be an addition. If so, would expand coverage in more remote areas?
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By Anthony
We are working with T-mobile right now who promises to over take Verizon with 4G LTE within 6 months as far as rural coverage. They are opening up new bands in the 600mhz range which definitely penetrates well into building and farther out into rural areas.

If all goes well, this will be ano9ther sim card placed in the retail box and we can make these sims available for existing users.

To clarify, the Lookout Dual will then support AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon out of the box. One camera not multiple models.

Current owners of Lookout Dual can apply the firmware update when available and order T-Mobile sims and use those if they provide better coverage or faster speeds in their areas. One camera = 3 carriers (the 3 largest networks in the country covered by a single model)
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By Anthony
Right now two categories of plans are "planned"

Bulk Rate for high end users (we will not call this unlimited because in reality there is no "unlimited")
- for high volume users
- individual plan per camera with monthly recurring charge
- example 2GB, 5GB, etc
- This will be our "unlimited" plan but we wont false advertise and use fine print with excessive use clauses etc
- AT&T, T-Mobile

- No monthly fee
- Pay on account with cc
- sim remain active year round
- Use no data, 1 photo, or even10,000 etc in a month
- pay only for what you use from your account balance
- AT&T, T-Mobile

New features: (coming soon)
Pay on account with cc
Use account balance to pay monthly pool, Bulk Rate, Pay-any-day
Allows you to pay once per year or 6 months or whatever without even leaving a cc on file (if you choose not to)
Your monthly renewals and data costs (optionally) pull from Account Balance
This also works nicely for corporate entities or governmental ones like Air Force, Army etc who are not allowed to lave cc data on file on e-
commerce sites.

On these new plans we are not offering it for Verizon right now as our costs with Verizon are too high and we wish to avoid having two sets of plans (Verizon and Everyone Else). We more or less break even on Verizon data plans now and are profiting on AT&T. Hopefully this year we can renegotiate some better pricing more in line with other carriers. As our sales continue and volumes rise on Verizon they will more open to renegotiations. (at least this is what was said last year in our meetings)
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By Anthony

They currently support multiple bands in similar frequency ranges as other carriers some lower some higher. Their new push is the very low 600mhz band.

Note: The Ridgetec Lookout Dual modem supports this band. Technically we can use it but nearly all 4G LTE antennas do not support this 600mhz range. An additional/optional T-Mobile 4G/5G antenna will be required get reception at this frequency. If you search the market there are just not many antennas that do this but we may he able to find one. It would not ship in the box but be an optional booster antenna

T-Mobile will work just fine without Band 71 (do not be confused)

Band 71 (600mz)

The LTE Band 71 band plan – B71 (600 MHz) - comprises 84 MHz bandwidth of contiguous 600 MHz spectrum and is a specific configuration of the 617 to 698 MHz band, pegged to be the most efficient spectrum arrangement to cater for mobile broadband systems.
T-Mobile calls this band Extended 4G LTE and 5G. These longer wavelengths seem to penetrate buildings, walls, forests etc better than the high frequencies. This is what makes this technology exciting not only for the current Ridgetec Lookout Dual 4G LTE cameras but also future Ridgetec models with 5G modems.

Your next question: Will it be possible to upgrade our Ridgetec Lookout from 4G to 5G. The answer is technically yes but if we find that to support 5G speeds we must reengineer the main board for faster processors, more memory etc then we may not offer an upgrade. (ie. send us your camera and for a fee we unplug 4G modem and plug in a 5G modem). Most likely there will be main board upgrades required to support the new faster speeds making an upgrade a bad idea. I will still try as hard as I can to offer this if in testing I get good results.
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By Anthony
Good. I am doing my best to improve the product despite the COVID crisis. Also, this has really affected production everywhere in the world. Development is slower and materials are scarce too thus prices are higher... supply and demand curve (see ECON 101). :)
By Jonesmat315
I have both verizon and at&t service where a few of my cameras are. If you guys make more money off the at&t service I will gladly switch the sims. (Same price to the customer with the point system anyway)
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By Anthony
Using my Ridgetec Lookout Dual cameras, I placed 3 cameras on adjacent trees on my land. I placed the cameras in 1080p video mode and had them upload a video.

Because I can see LOGs on the server I can compute their upload speeds in kb/s. I had no idea what to expect prior to this testing.

Here are the test results from yesterday:

Verizon: 100kb/s
T-Mobile: 83kb/s
AT&T: 21kb/s

(the higher the number the faster it transfers data and the better your battery life will be)

I am very pleased with the results I am getting on T-Mobile as it is much closer to the Verizon speeds than AT&T (in this location). Now the signals and speeds can very greatly depending on where you are but I do believe from what I see on many cameras that the above will be a barometer for performance.

As we deploy more cameras on T-Mobile I will get a feel for how it compares to Verizon. T-Mobile's commitment is to surpass Verizon in rural areas by end of summer 2021. This is good news for Ridgetec camera users as they will have 3 networks available on a single camera to choose from.

I do not believe other manufacturers have released a T-Mobile camera yet. So, it is exciting to bring new and improved coverage to cellular camera users. As part of a BETA we are deploying T-Mobile in various areas now.
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By Anthony
Note to Ridgetec customers: as we finalize the T-Mobile infrastructure on the Ridgetec portal, we will provide a firmware update and a way to order T-Mobile sims for your Lookout Dual cameras. Do we need to change the name to "Triple" ? :mrgreen:

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