Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
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By TRM-1
I believe the cameras are capable of doing really well. It seems like you get some excellent pictures and videos, and then you get some whited-out pictures and grainy black ones. The cameras seem to do better the longer they run as far as connection and uploading. One of my cameras hadn't uploaded or checked in since I placed it out (It did check-in and send a picture then); for whatever reason, it checked in and sent pictures after nothing for three days. So I believe if they can get the bugs worked out, they will be a decent camera. But right now, it is really hit and miss.
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I have to disagree...they understand on how to make cameras both cell and none cell, they delayed the release due to some issues, well issues still exists....they lost me
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By reaperman
I saw this camera in Walmart yesterday. It’s much larger than I would have expected. It reminds me of the earlier trail cams that used size D batteries.
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