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By reaperman
After getting a 8" of rain in the past two days and a couple more inches earlier in the week. The little river got pretty big. Yesterday I was in the river bottom and figured my Ridgetec and external battery were safe. I was more worried about my battery being it was almost on ground level. Where I was walking on virgin ground just yesterday, today I was up to my waist in water trying to get to my camera. Luckily the camera is on a higher piece of ground than the surrounding area. And I had the battery box sitting off the ground on a cut off log. You can see how high the water was inside of my battery case. Almost to the point of causing damage had the water touched both terminals.
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By CanadaJack
Wow, that's a lot of rain! We're crying for some in Alberta.
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By dbaxter
Wow! You were very fortunate. :shock:
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By reaperman
Mauri740 wrote: Mon May 16, 2022 3:31 am how long is your tcam out? With such a battery, I believe it can give the camera many months of life
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