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By Anthony
Update on the review situation with the new Cuddebacks:

June 21, 2006:

We were a little put out when the promised cams did not arrive on schedule for testing. Even with a call to resolve that matter has failed to achieve any results. Because of this fact we have had to depend on trying to monitor the outdoor forums for issues related to this cam. The results so far is that the cam does have reported issues related to narrow IR flash, not wanting to write to the memory card, and battery holder problems. We have a dealer associated with our forum that has seemed to go the distance to support those folks that have purchased from him but we have also seen that the manufacture is becoming a little distant to these new issues. Not having this cam in our hands to help support the buyers has really began to make the situation even greater and we do apologize for this lack of support for the frequent visitors to our site for good reliable information. As of now we are going to recommend that potential buyers hold off for a while on the purchase of this cam until the folks at Non Typical have a chance to get on top of these issues and offer the support that we have been use to in the past. This will probably be an outstanding product as the 1.3 and 3.0 are, both of those camera also had some issues which were quickly resolved.
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By Anthony
Update on the Cuddeback testing: July 12, 2006

IR - not yet delivered ??

Expert - we are in possesion and will start testing this one

Note: Keep checking back for updates as inhouse testing will be extensive. It comes with no means of security so we are designing security brackets.

Excite - not yet delivered ??
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