Use this forum to place requests for new features in Scouting Assistant. Please indicate what version you are on (includes "embedded" which ships with several manufacturers cameras)
I was thinking it may helpful for users if SA would save the last used motion search grid settings to a file that would be asociated to a location name (not camera name) so that the next time the user would import a new media set (timelapse) to that location name they would be prompted if they would like to load the grid selections that were last used the last time media was imported to the same location.

Basically when you run the motion proccessing feature and you are satisfied with the photos detected and you close the motion proccessing dialog box the program would somehow save those selections and ask you if you want to use those selection the next time you import the next batch of photos from that location, if they choose no the grid loads with all zeros like it does now.

Does this sound feasible and worth looking into Anthony?
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