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Had a problem with a new supercharged and now a Ultra 46. After awhile both cams would quit taking pictures after I would pull the card. Well they would take one picture and stop.

These cams are very sensitive to using SD cards after being in other cams. After talking with Primos CS got me no where, a little online digging seems to have provided the answer. If you'e Primos cam quits taking pictues, reformat the card on your computer and that should fix the issue.

Here's the instructions. ... -SD-cards-

Basically, you stick in your sd card into your computer or sd card reader and then go to your control panel. Find the SD card on the control panel and right click. Scroll down to 'format'. Hit that button and a second later your done.
I know the cudde captures were very sensitive with cards being used in different cams and I believe that was why there were alot of problems with them. I always format my cards with the computer by finding the H drive through the start menu by clicking on computer and then all of the drives will show up, E, F, G, H, I and then right click on the appropriate drive to format.

I stuck a Moultrie card in one of my Captures this past winter. The card was in the cam for about two minutes and it had messed the cam up and was doing the continuos 9 second countdown.

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