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By T-post
My buddies and I had cameras that would work flawlessly in the "big city" (Dallas/Fort Worth), but 3 hours away at our remote deer lease (SanSaba, TX), we had problems with some of the cameras. These were cameras that we had used at the exact same location a year ago with no problems. There is an ATT cell tower on the ranch, so we have always have great cell signal. Some of the cameras worked perfect at the deer lease. Some of the cameras would not acquire a wireless signal. Some would eventually acquire a signal, but not send a picture. Some would initially work properly, sending pictures, then would quit after a day or so...we'd go back to check those cameras and find that they would no longer acquire a signal. I was maddening to bring the cameras back home and find that they would work fine...we'd go back to the ranch and they again wouldn't work.

This video shows the most common issue we would encounter:" target="_blank

Back at the ranch we found that we could swap SIM cards between an operational camera and a non-operational camera; the non -operational camera would then acquire a signal...some of the cameras would send a test picture with the different SIM card, others would acquire a signal, but get stuck at a screen that says "setting" when trying to send a test picture.

I'm not sure what the common denominators are between our cameras that had no issues verse those that did have issues....My guess is it's either the age of the camera, or the age of when the SIM card was activated.

It appears to me that between last hunting season and now, ATT changed some sort of protocol that it uses when connecting with the cameras. The beta firmware update appears to fix this issue.
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By hogdeer79
That sounds very similar to the issues my friend is having with his camera. His will go MIA for half a day to a day. Two days ago his camera stopped sending again and has started working yet. His cam normally shows 3 bars which is better than both of mine. My cameras get some periods of skipped pics but rarely just quit sending all together.
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By Solo_Cam_2100
Hey all,

I try to keep up to date on posts on here and chime in when I can. But I happen to notice the discussion lately on the GO Cams working one time and down another. A few things I noticed and speaking with a few dealers. There was some issues with their servers maxing out on the requests for the basic send to text/email setup. Not sure if they fixed that yet.
Also, I spoke with one of their techs last year when I was having cell service issues on my go cam where I knew AT&T was strong. Apparently you can work around this by downloading the "old school" configuration file to the SD card then load up on the computer to force the camera to use only AT&T towers and not try to roam. Sometimes in areas where Verizon towers over power the others. Not sure if any truth to this but could see it happen. I finally had other issues with that camera and sent back to get fixed anyway. Not problems since then.

Good luck
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By Gforce
With GSM (AT&T) the home network and roaming is determined by the SIM card number .

With CDMA (VZ) the home network and roaming is determined by the PRL numbers stored in the phone and the PN ID logged into on the tower.

Both work on 800/1900 Band but different frequencies and protocols within those bands so there shouldn't be any interference even if the Transmitters are on the same tower.

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