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We have a male redshouldered hawk that comes to a feeder and have tried to get some movies of his trips to the feeder. However, the Canon Powershot A495 we are using times itself off after about 50 minutes. This camera operates on both AC or DC power and we would preferably like one that operates on AC power. We would like to know if there are movie cameras available that do not turn themselves off, and which are reasonably priced. Also, we have seen the female only twice. On both occasions she just hangs out around the feeder but never has been on the feeder that we know of. Thanks for any information you can give me on how we can get some video shots of these beautiful birds.

We live in the Midwest in Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis Missouri.
I would agree with Anthony. For instance, most of my Bushnell Essential E2 trail cameras will focus within 6-8 f feet or so, and at 10-12 and out to 20 feet can detect a field mouse moving. I have many videos of field mice... their eyes look like little flashlights darting around. I also put a few of these cameras about six feet from a few of my bluebird houses last summer and got some pretty cool video footage.

I just remembered... Bushnell had a camera called "Nature View" that was designed for close-up work such as bird feeders.
when you say "does not time itself off", do you mean you need uninterrupted video longer than a minute or so without breaks? or can there be a one second break in between clips?

software can easily stitch clips together as a seamless video...
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