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I sent this email to Browning.

Please modify the firmware for the BTC-5HD and BTC-5H so that it does the same thing that the 2016 software does, which is to update the SD Card Management so when the SD card is full, the camera will begin to erase the oldest picture or videos on the SD card and overwrite with the new pictures and videos. THANKS!!!! Don't deliberately ignore your previous buyers, or we won't buy your newer cameras.

The response:
I will pass your email along to our engineers. If you have any other issues please let me know.
Customer Service
Browning Trail Cameras

AFAIK, all that would be required is a software update to the older firmwares, and since this has already been done for the newer cameras, I bet it would not be difficult (I'm a computer programmer BTW).
if I'm going to put a camera out in a high traffic area or in a remote area I just use a larger capacity SD card. I've dealt with Browning Customer Service on a few issues and they have been very helpful. Hopefully they can make your request happen.
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