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By Anthony
I honestly have seen no decline in the fawn rates or fawn mortality here. I'm sure in northern areas where deer are pressured from long cold winters predation will have more significant effect.
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By Woody S
Just because the coyote was carrying a fawn doesn't mean it killed the fawn. Remember, everybody who eats carrots dies -- that doesn't mean carrots are poisonous. You might want to take a look at these posts from Penn State's Deer-Forest Study -- ... 019/i-wish ... e-cute-but
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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Sat May 11, 2019 1:30 pm Well, should I change my stance now.
I dont believe a true sportsman wants to see any animal suffer. I'm not a coyote lover but I respect their place in the nature. I certainly dont want to see one free itself from a trap by chewing its leg off. Overall, the percentage of coyotes trapped that actually have done this has to be very small. I've never actually herd of this happening from any trapper I've ran across in person or online.

Again from a sportsman's view, I dont like to see a fawn fall prey to a coyote either. As much as I know it happens, it seems to hit home more seeing it in a photo or video. From a trail camera perspective, Anthony's video is a great catch!
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By Fred Zepplin
This is,has,and always will be about what goes on within Mother Nature...and you and I aren't in it!!! A coyote trapper hundreds of years ago is no comparison to a coyote trapper today! A farmer who is losing his investment because of this animal should be able to shoot it! On the other hand, A trapper trapping this animal for profit/bragging rights/youtube video is a completely different story!
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By Fred Zepplin
For year now the population of Urban Sprawlers (people who move from the cities to the country) has skyrocketed! The problem is that these people don't understand country living. There is a hot issue with an area municipality in regards to locals complaining about so many Deer are destroying their properties. One says that the Deer are eating my garden. Another says the Deer are eating my trees. Another says the Deer are eating my bushes. Meanwhile a small group of trappers/hunters sit in the back row of the meeting knowing that they trapped/killed all the Wolves,Cougars, Coyotes in the area. Geeee I wonder why the Deer Population is so bad?????
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By Anthony
There is no way to have a natural balance right now. Naturally large cats and wolves would control the population of coyotes and thus fox etc ...

Without wolves and large cats coyote populations are likely to boom and bust with prey animals populations.

So as coyotes move into new territories and their population rises we will see a change in deer and other prey species to achieve a new balance.

If man goes in and kills off all the coyotes then the burden is once again on man to control the deer population either by hunting or deer vs car collisions or watch populations boom and bust with annual rain and weather conditions that affect food supplies.

I am not really interested in coyote hunting and our deer herds are larger than ever here in my area. Coyotes are definitely on the rise I believe.

The predation will likely strengthen deer herds but hunting practices should evolve in light of coyote predation.

this is just my uneducated logic here... I am no wildlife biologist.

Now lets talk about squirrels... :evil: :evil: :evil: :mrgreen: (how to get all the owls and hawks to come in and take out a few more of these pesky tree rats)

I thought about building little platforms around in the forest with tiny bottles of ketchup, and BBQ sauce for the hawks and owls with some arrows that point and say "Squirrels are here"

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