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By reaperman
I think I located what I believe is a badger den. I noticed a large pile of dirt in the middle of a crop field a couple weeks ago. I investigated today and found a second den with not as much dirt excavated about 50 yards from the larger den. If its a badger the camera shouldnt bother it. I'm using a bushnell 119446 black flash. I'd use the ridgetec cell camera but I hate to leave that camera this exposed.
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By reaperman
Above pics are from my iphone. I'm using a bushnell 119446 (black flash) to watch the hole.
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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Sun May 12, 2019 3:34 pm Too bad not Lookout in Video mode. should I send you another DEMO camera to run in video mode highdef for our demo account online ?
The only reason I didnt use my Lookout is I wasnt sure if how safe the camera might be in that open of a area. I'm not worried about people stealing it, the area has very limited access. But maybe curious creatures. The field its in isnt on my property, rather my neighbors. He doesnt live out here and we purchased this tract of land together 20+ years ago and split it up. If he decides to have the field planted with crops this year again (for hunting purposes only) that will most likely happen in a couple of weeks. So I'm not sure just how long the camera will be able to stay there. I'd hate to have you send out a camera for only that short period of time. But what I will do is check my camera in a day to two and see just whats using the den and post the videos. From there I can put my cell cam there and upload all videos to you for your demo account if you wish. If the field doesnt get planted soon I will let you know, then if you want to send out a camera that would work.
There is a chance a coyote is using this space, I did see tracks. But naturally, they will investigate whatever is using the area. Whatever it is isn’t afraid of being exposed to such a open space.
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By reaperman
Saskboy wrote: Tue May 14, 2019 10:12 pm Did you get anything come out of that hole yet?
To my surprise, I havent. What I did tonight was switch cameras from the Bushnell to my Ridgetec Lookout cell camera. And I moved the Lookout about 40 yards away to a different hole that I believe is connected to this hole. Both of these holes are big so I'm sure their connected. I only have one tripod otherwise I would have put a camera at each hole instead of guessing. I also need to leave the area alone. Thats another reason for using the cell camera. With all of the fresh dug up dirt, I was so sure something was going to show up immediately, I've been out there daily checking my camera. If its a Badger who made the den, they spend alot of time underground. If its a coyote den, it will definitely know something is up and they are known to move around.
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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Wed May 15, 2019 7:54 am maybe drop some bait out there near the camera and see if anything takes it to the hole.
Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have bait in place, I set a half dozen pocket gopher traps this evening. Since badgers feed on pocket gophers it just may work out. I did some reading and I found out badgers have multiple dens they use. They switch between them in a random cycle so its a waiting game.

I ordered a cheap tripod on Amazon today that will be here on Friday so I can keep watch on another den also. With my Ridgetec today, I was getting alot of false triggers. I think the heat (mid 70's) must have been setting it off. So I set the PIR to the lowest setting (from medium) in hopes that will help. I had to keep setting the quiet time longer throughout the day otherwise it would snap a photo when the quiet time expired. The camera is rather close to the ground, about 18-20" so maybe heat from the ground is reflecting upwards. I may have to raise it if the pir setting doesnt aid.
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By Anthony
I run a demo camera called small critter cam on top of a fallen log. Its 12" from the ground on on a log. It never misfires.

Can the wind be moving the camera creating triggers ?
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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Thu May 16, 2019 9:10 am I run a demo camera called small critter cam on top of a fallen log. Its 12" from the ground on on a log. It never misfires.
Can the wind be moving the camera creating triggers ?
Yesterday there wasn't a hint of wind whatsoever. I have the camera facing north to escape and direct sunlight. The PIR was on medium. Last evening I switched it to low and today I didnt get a single false trigger. The temps yesterday and today were almost identical with the exception of it being windy today compared to no wind yesterday.

I baited the den with a pocket gopher this evening. There isnt any fresh looking tracks or digging in either of the 3 dens. Tomorrow I should have another tripod arriving via amazon so I will be able to put another camera out. From the looks of the (old) tracks I see at all three holes, they all look like coyote. But I'm not convinced its a coyote using the dens. They generally dont like to expose themselves that much.
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