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By SwissHunter
I have received yesterday the BG668-E36WG that is one of the new cameras from boly for 2019 and I want to share my experience by using this camera by doing something like a review. If that's not the best place to post please change to a more appropriated section, I was not sure if post here or on the Boly/Trail Cam Reviews section.

Here is a list of the features from the boly site:

-Molnus Cloud service for all over the world
-Online preview by APP or web portal
-Ultra fast image and video transmission
-36MP picture resolution and 4k video
-Wide angle lens
-100ft. lighting and detection range
-Supports GPS function and password protection
-Supports up to 32GB SD card
-5*18650 rechargeable batteries or 8*AA batteries
-Free mobile application available for IOS, Android, and Windows, click here to download
-Supports solar and external power supply

What caught my attention is the fact that this camera is using a 14MP image sensor and the ability of using 5* 18650 batteries (I'm courios to see how long they can last). I was also interested of the Molnus system, I didn't found any review of this system.

I also bought the solar panel with the power bank (BC-02), I already own one and it's doing really well with another cell camera.

Here are a couple of picture of the boxes and what were inside:
IMG_5272.JPG (740.96 KiB) Viewed 383 times
IMG_5275.JPG (627.47 KiB) Viewed 383 times
Here is a sample pic while I was playing with the camera in the garden. The first is the original image (14MP) from the sd card the second is the one that has been send to the portal to the lowest resolution (there are three settings: low, normal, hight/original image)
IMAG0034.JPG (2.26 MiB) Viewed 383 times
0034.JPG (59.52 KiB) Viewed 383 times
I have placed the camera on the field, here is how is looking
IMG_5277.JPG (1.46 MiB) Viewed 383 times
IMG_5279.JPG (966.24 KiB) Viewed 383 times
IMG_5280.JPG (1015.05 KiB) Viewed 383 times
IMG_5282.JPG (1.94 MiB) Viewed 383 times
When I have time I will update this post with more information and image/video.
I hope this can be helpfull, I'm not a Native English speaker so forgive me if I make mistakes, I try to do the best.
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By SwissHunter
Anthony wrote: Sat Jun 15, 2019 7:38 am Did you supply your own sim ? How do you set the APN ?
Yes, I supply my own sim, and for setting up the camera there is a Configuration Tool to download on your windows computer, then you can setup the camera on all function cellular and non. For cellular it depends on your country and cellular operator, there are a lot operator that are preset so you only have to choose the country and operator, for example Canada - Rogers, in this case you don’t have to put your APN. In my case my carrier was not preset so I have to chose the custum mode and insert APN, IP, Port and other information that are required. I will post a few screen so you can have an idea. I have to say that I’m pretty used to do this and I have had no problem by setting the camera to the cellular mode and also connect the camera to the Molnus system. It takes me approximately 10/15 minutes.
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