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I have never seen this before. In this video the shadow even shifts but it does not scare the possum. Its like there is a giant spider on the LED array or something... I just don't get this one... something is there but what?

I don't think there is a tiny spider on the camera lens. Instead it looks like something blocking the LEDs.


this is a video from earlier without the shadow for comparison:
If a big spider partially disrupting the rectangular LED flash array of the Ridgetech could possibly project it's shadow down range, then what kind of a funky light pattern must the Wildgame below throw down field straight out of the box? :mrgreen:

Each of the 54 individual LEDs of the Ridgetech illuminate the entire scene so blocking off some number of them merely reduces the overall flash intensity proportionally.
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It's no different than shadow puppets, something blocked a portion of IR light. Most likely the spider was quite a few inches off the camera as well. I did a test with a multi led flashlight similar to the led setup on the camera, an object right on the lense doesnt show up. Move that object close to foot away and it cast a shadow on the wall in the same fashion as the video. Everytime my lookout had a bug or spider in front its lense it lights it up white. Better get mythbusters on this Anthony lol.

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