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This is the prototype and we will make some more tweaks to this.

It features:

12 gauge steel welded construction
supports both single and dual antenna versions
supports python and/or pad lock
includes 3 dimensional adjustment, all 12 gauge steel for up, down, left, and right
optional up down only bracket reduces depth to a single hinge for up and down (full 45 degrees)
mounting supports both lag bolts and straps.

This box is very heavy duty and has some weight to it. I used a medium duty ratchet strap and it was very stable.

The final version will support an adaptation such that 90 degree antenna cables/connectors can attach to the camera and run out the side or back of the box and around the tree, eliminating the antennas on top.

I would like to know if you have any suggestion and adaptations you would like to see before we produce these.
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Thats possible in the future yes. We are designing a Li-Ion FePO4 battery pack at 10 amp hour in a small custom camo enclosure, that is roughly the size of the camera. This battery box will include solar charge controller and 10AH Li-ion battery.

I have been testing with solar panel and 10AH with controller now for 6 months and it works great. It is so much lighter and smaller than SLA its ridiculous.

Our design will allow it for use as battery box only or with solar. It can hook onto a strap, or as you said a bolt on battery box below the lock box where there are no wires external. The battery packs will be sold individually so that you can have two and rotate them out every 3 or 4 months or so.

we will also have the chargers. Not any old charger will work on Li-Ion. You have to be careful as too much voltage will damage the battery. It needs to scharge at 12.6 max. A charger for SLA normally charges at 13.5+
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