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Ridgetec is now testing this TechFlex cable mesh sheathing. This new product is now available. We are planning to sell it in pre-cut segments for our cables, battery cables, solar panel cable, camera cables.

some people seem to have issues with rodents chewing the cables although I have never had the issue here in Ga. The mesh is easy to apply. Its easy to fish your cable through the mesh. the mesh is thick and durable and impregnated through and through with capsaicin.

Once the critters bite it, their tongue/mouth gets a nice hit of super hot. Sun, rain and weather does not wash it off as it is within the plastic mesh filaments. This is tough stuff to begin with yet remains flexible.

Pending the final results we will sell a roll of 15 feet for a customer to cut and slide over their cables. You must wear rubber gloves when handling this... FYI. :D I think the cost will be $10 or so for 15 feet which is more than enough for the camera, the solar power pack etc.

I took a 24" section and stuffed it like sausage with dried corn and nailed it to the fallen pine on the demo small critter cam which anyone can watch live on the internet.

Last night this raccoon bit it twice then never came back for more. It definitely worked because these raccoons will normally go to any length to get corn.

In a bit I will go inspect it later on and report on the condition.
Mesh Inspection. No real damage, but I think I see the teeth marks but fibers are all in tact. The black line I made with a sharpie when I was going to cut in half but decided to leave it whole.

Yes this looked like a snake that swallowed a mouse to me too.

Keep in mind this is a worst case scenario test. Your cables won't be stuffed with corn and mostly won't be on the ground like this.
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Well, I have deer. One doe put her nose on it but didn't bite. I have no way to test it here for elk or bear. What I need is some beta testers, some guys who for sure would get trouble with rodents or elk and have had trouble in the past. I can send a roll of this mesh for the tester to cover their cables in or even camera straps then use a second camera to monitor the first somehow.
I got this footage last night. the 3 clips are in sequence. The fox tries to get the sample loose and manages to pull out the nails I used on one side. It took a minute but I believe he got a hit of the capsaicin and stopped. I just looked at the mesh and believe it or not there is not a blemish on it.

what do you think? He gave up or burning tongue made him stop? watch his mouth.
Whatever happened that was a good test of durability.
I wish I had saw this yesterday before ordering some rodent proof cable for my new cellular camera. I saw or read something that said that cams can be destroyed if a squirrel or something chews the wire and they wires got together. So I ordered some for my external battery cables as I had rather be safe than sorry, especially on cameras that are as expensive as cellular cameras.

Anthony, as someone stated above, I have never had anything bite or chew thru cable wire, except for having a squirrel chew thru a gas line on my car. I'm sure this cable is being attacked due to the scents you added to it? Correct?
Of course my test is as far out of reality as possible... on the ground, mesh stuffed with corn.... I never have any trouble with cables in 15 years either. I have to test this mesh somehow.... I think mission accomplished however. I now need to get some people testing in the field in areas where they do have trouble with squirrels chewing the wires.
I wish I had trouble with squirrels. 4 of my auxillary power cables have been bitten off by bears and elk and my like new browning camera had it's lens cover busted by a bear. There goes 200 bucks!
Mineral Stump

Whats the secret ingredient ?

Snow strutting

Lookin good!

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Great vid! :D