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By mikeinkaty
Everything works but when I try to send a pic it says “Setting...”. After a few minutes it gives up. My Buyasession with AT&T is active. Also having trouble with the setup switch. Contacts must be corroded.

So, I bought a Spartan 4G. Right out of the box I had trouble with it not connecting to the network. They sent me an RMA and it cost ME $15 to mail it back. ☹️☹️☹️
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By LibbyLA
Verizon has pushed back the sunset date to 12/31/2020. That’s AT&T’s sunset date, as well.

Was the firmware in the 4G current? (Just asking, probably was, but it depends on where you bought it. Did you take advantage of the upgrade program from Spartan? Anyway, there is a 9/30 FW update that resolves some connection issues. Tech support would have had you go through that before issuing an RMA, though.)
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By mikeinkaty
Sunset? Well, could be?? How could I tell? It’s here in the house now taking pics but not sending pics. It connect fast; showing 5 bars, just not sending or receiving.

Spartan should receive my new 4G today. If they wind up sending a new cam I’m going to ask for red instead of black out. My hogs and deer pay no attention to the red flash plus red light shows up better.

By the way, I got 4 years out of my 3G. One set of 2 six volts gel cell batteries hooked in protected parallel with a 5 watt solar panel. Only used 2 sets of AA batteries inside. After the first 2 years I changed them out concerned that they might leak. Basically they weren’t being used because the external batteries were always fully charged.

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By johnnydeerhunter
Mike is the firmware up to date? Have you tried defaulting the camera? What SD card are you using? Also do you have premium credits?
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By mikeinkaty
Johnny. Yes, I deflaulted the camera and formatted the SD card. I did everything they told me to do.

I got it to connect 1 time when I was in an AT&T store and it took one pic and sent it. From then on nothing. When the switch was moved to setup it would not connect to the network. I tried 3 different antennas. Two of theirs plus one of my Yagi’s. My 3G cam connected with all 3.

My old 3G spartan connects fine but will not send a pic. When i take a pic in setup and say yes to send it just says “Setting..”, “can not connect”, “Setting..”, then “Failure to send”.

I tried both here at home in Texas too. Same thing for both. Wonder if there might be a common problem?
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By johnnydeerhunter
Where did you purchase your data for the 4g camera? The new cameras are coming with SIM cards that are Spartan SIMs and if you get the data from ATT (buy a session) they won't work.

Is the 3g's cameras firmware up to date? You may also want to try a different SD card, they do go bad. You want a 32gb or smaller, class 10 and 80mbs or faster. I prefer the 16gb Sandisk cards, seem to have the least amount of problems.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Also don't think you'll notice a difference between the red IR and blackflash as far as brightness
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