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By reaperman
I know this doesnt look like a soybean field. But its a 20 acre field that was never harvested this fall. Its less than 1000' from where my property ends and every deer in the area know about it. I hung a camera there yesterday and had over 500 photos overnight, no decent bucks so far. There are so many trails coming into the field it would be almost impossible to cover all of them without a hundred cameras.
The camera I put there is a Browning Dark ops hd, black flash. I picked it up yesterday using a gift card I got for xmas. It wouldnt have been my first choice for a camera, but the gift card was from a sporting goods store that doesnt have many cameras whatsoever. My other choices there would have been a few cheap wildgame cams and a couple brands I never heard of.
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By reaperman
Anthony wrote: Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:56 am I think the Browning was a decent choice. Can you get hunting rights there this year?
I've had the same Browning in red flash for a few years now, its a solid little camera. I was kind of worried the (black) flash may be rather weak. My first impression is its probably not too bad. In a open field there is nothing for the flash to bounce off but it seems ok. As far as hunting goes, this field is part of 190 acres three of us bought together 25+ years ago. We bought it under one name so the seller didnt know there were three parties ( me and two friends) involved. Then we split the land between us as planned. I built my home on my piece and the other two parcels havent been touched other than hunting. So over the years I've hunted this field quite a bit. About ten years ago the local farmer stopped renting the field because it wasnt irrigated. So it sat in weeds until two seasons ago when my friend decided to plant it for the deer. Over the years I've saw alot of deer down there but they are hard to nail down. It seems they like to come out in different spots every evening. So lately I concentrated my efforts to a river bottom where if I see a deer its most likely in archery range.
By red sled
When the snow starts to get deep, deer seem to know where to find food... and they love soybeans although I can't tell from the photo if that is what they're eating. Many years ago I planted a late patch of beans for a food plot. When the snow got deep in January the deer had trails from all directions to it. It was only 100 feet from our house but the deer would be feeding by the dozens at sunset each evening. Last winter I left some flooded soybeans in the field all winter for the wildlife. Same thing... trails from all directions, and the game birds benefited as well. Each year I farmed I would leave a few rows of beans around my fields. It doesn't cost much and the benefit to wildlife is considerable.
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By reaperman
Its hard to see the bean plants in this photo with the snow. The ones sticking up are more to the back and left side. This field doesnt produce a lot of crop, it never did. The soil here is very sandy with much topsoil, every farmer in the area irrigates. Tonight, a while before sunset I sat on the edge and watched 52 deer graze until almost dark. Mostly does and fawns, only seven bucks, with two being nice ones. But its a full moon, more will surly come it.

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