This is the place to share all the cool pictures & movies you get from your trail cameras. In other words, if it's not a picture or movie related to a camera problem, it goes here. If it is a picture or movie related to a camera problem, please post it in the appropriate manufacturer forum.
By Homey88
CC6D834F-0B3B-4B91-9D8A-9A789432D452.jpeg[/attachment [attachment=0]32DD5231-2023-425F-A4A2-239FB3649F77.jpeg
CC6D834F-0B3B-4B91-9D8A-9A789432D452.jpeg (156.91 KiB) Viewed 5940 times
32DD5231-2023-425F-A4A2-239FB3649F77.jpeg (163.28 KiB) Viewed 5940 times
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By reaperman
Thats a colorful bird.

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