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By iburns1530
Hi I am new to trail cameras and hope soemone can help me out. I recently purchased a Trophy Cam HD 119837BC. At first it did great but recently is acting up. First it started to cover the bottom 25% of photos with a grey bar, but it only happens in the day and not at night. I tried researching this problem and couldn't find anything. My second issue is that it's set to take 10 second videos, but its now taking only one second videos. I haven't changed the settings since I set them, so I'm not sure whats wrong. If anyone can help, I would appreciate the advice. Thanks!
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By reaperman
The easiest thing to do first if you already havent is try a different sd card. Although, the bushnells I have never been card fussy. Updating the firmware would be the next step. Generally, on the manufacturers website you will find the latest firmware updates. If all else fails, call customer service at Bushnell, they are always helpful and will replace the camera if its within the warranty period.

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