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By chessy
Was having issues with my lookout I travel a lot and when its hunting season things get put on hold . I had the people at Ridgetec take over my camera remotely to see it they could fix it they spent hours and hours trying because I was to stubborn to send it back during the run up to deer season they contacted me via email to try to get me to do different things and then they would try there remote access again to fix . they could not get it to work on video mode it would still take pictures so I kept it through the deer season and my son shot a big buck off using this camera . I inquired about cost sending it back in jan and finally sent it back FREE with a pre paid shipping label from ridgetec. it was Received on Tuesday of this week and they have already told me the camera can not be fixed and they are putting a new camera in the mail today or tomorrow for shipment .... you can not ask for anything better in my opinion
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By Anthony
I am glad things turned out good. If you have any issues Ridgetec will listen and knowledgeably respond and take care of you. This is in the mission statement to put customer service as a top priority.

Please update here when your replacement arrives and let us know that its working well for you.

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