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By csb
IMO their new product development and quality have gone down in the past couple of years.
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Well I enjoy getting different answers cause it proves they have no idea on a release date

Today's answer was June or July :lol:
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Today's email reply:

Our release date for the DELTA is in fact spring 2021, spring does not officially end until June 20th. But we do not have an exact ETA because our box stores/resellers will receive the DELTA before our website store.

Hope this helps,
-Moultrie Mobile Team🦃

well they gave me a lesson on when spring ends
By Sodbuster
Hopefully they are actually working out the bugs and it will be good to go when released, unlike Tactacam.
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By April Lee
BOWHUNTERCOP wrote: Mon May 17, 2021 5:14 pm can't make this up

they told me today May release isn't happening, more like mid/late June
For now, Dick's has taken the Reveal-X down, and Cabela's/BassPro are "out of stock". They rushed things out, and they'll again miss the prime time this year.
By Sodbuster
Anthony wrote: Sat May 22, 2021 8:54 am Yoo mean Reveal X sold out or they stopped selling it due to issues ?
It sells out within minutes as soon as it's available.
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