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By reaperman
Ok, I added a Trophy rock to my salt block area to see if the deer prefer one lick to another. The rock is on the left and the regular salt block is on the right side, spaced about 12' apart. In between the two blocks is a mineral lick from last year with approx 200 lbs of assorted salts and minerals dumped on the ground. The mineral lick didn't get as much attention as I expected and the deer seem to prefer a regular salt block overall. The trophy rock is the 7 lb size, the only size I could find. The cost of a 7lb rock is about the same as a 50lb salt block, approx $8.
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By reaperman
The trophy rock package says the salt content is 81%
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By reaperman
May 5 update, its only been about 5 days so far. After weeding thru over 1k photos on two different cameras. The deer haven't really noticed the trophy rock. One deer sniffed it and walked off. Otherwise multiple deer are licking at the same time on the regular salt.
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By reaperman
This weekend I'm going to switch the blocks around to see if the deer follow the white salt block or if habit takes them to the spot their used to going to.
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By reaperman
Having switched around the two blocks just yesterday. It appears the deer dont care much about what kind of block is in the spot they are used to going to. However, there are a few photos of single deer noticing something is different and proceed with caution. The original spot most likely has so much salt leeched into the soil from years of salt blocks. It probably wouldn't matter if there was a block there or not, the would continue to dig. One happy camper got smart and didn't have hang with the crowd to get a tasty treat.
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By reaperman
After a few weeks now, I'd say the deer prefer regular salt over a trophy rock. Nine of ten photos show deer making a obvious choice. The photo shows the deer on the left eating the dirt formed my the regular salt, which is next to the trophy rock. However, without options, trophy rock would work great too. In my opinion, for the money, salt is a better buy.
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By Gforce
These results are like we found also, the plain salt wins out in the long run. I also wonder if its not dependent on what the deer is use to eating. Got one feed station that I have been feeding Cow pellets at for years and the deer will eat them before the corn or salt. Then I have a feed station that I started just last winter and the deer will let them melt on the ground before eating them. They just now started to eat some of them.
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