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By Mike8623
Ok guys when it comes to electricity count me out.

Anyway got a new solar panel that has batteries in it and got it all charged up. I have 3 more of these and am very happy with them.
The distance on this one is about 150 ft. from panel to camera. Initially i had the camera hooked up via a ridgetec 110v to 12v power source but i lost my power there and that was no longer an alternative. So i thought I'd just use the same power cord minus the ridgetec power converter 110 to 12v. So i just got a ridgetec plug cord and a cord of the size for the solar panel and i wired them into male and female 110 plugs. That way i just plug the 110 plug female into the male end of my long power cord and on the other end if that long cord i plugged the male 110 ridgetec corc into the female end of the long 110 power cord....if all that makes sense.

Before all this I wired the red wire on 12v plug for the solar panel to the stainless colored screw post on the female 110 plug and the other wire to the brass screw post. The ground post has no wire

On the ridgetec plug i wired the red wire to the same stainless screw colored post and the other wire to the brass screw post, again nothing on the ground post.

Hope this all makes sense. Anyway on the portal it still shows 25% battery....with the charged up panel it should be 75 or more

Anyone with any ideas on what i did wrong.

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