2011 Hunten GCS30-30IR Camera Review - September 4, 2011

2011 GCS30-30IR

2011 Hunten Outdoors GSC30-30IR 26 count red flash 3 MP day/1.3 MP night camera review

I want to start off and say that this cam is also wrapped in the same pattern as the 70 IR camera and believe me it is a very good color for the woods. It also has the advanced sensing that Hunten has developed and worked so good during the 70 IR tests. This cam comes with a strap and USB cable and warranty card that has to be done within the first couple weeks to be valid for the full year of limited coverage.

A little while back there was a relationship between the WGI system and this system. That relationship split and now we have two different companies using a very similar design as far as appearance. If you were to put the N2 WGI camera and this camera side by side you could see the similarities. No one however is using this camo color which seems to maybe be an exclusive color.

This is just above the mini camera size and just has a small array at the top front and the sensor and lens below that, the only other things is the two sensor indicators and on the back a 6 volt external power port. The door has a good full seal gasket for weather protection.

Inside is the LCD and control buttons sandwiched inside two tube battery holders (4 C cells). The SD card slot (up to 8 gig) and USB port are across the bottom front.

This is a single 3 MP still camera with a single video resolution (20 sec 640X480) plus on the single setting you can also select up to a 4 burst. The programming was strait forward and easy to do and the manual was also easy to follow if needed. Delay is down to 10 seconds and up at 30S, 1M, and 2M. The delay seemed to be fairly accurate.

The initial picture quality showed that this camera possibly has better picture quality than the 70IR we are also testing. The inside pictures was pretty good with good illumination and the outside with color did hot have the amount of fuzziness as the 70 IR did. My estimation as to trigger time is that it is close to 1 second. With a cost of about $75 I think many will value with these cameras. Just having a camera with this color and a 10 second delay/1 second trigger seems to be all that is needed providing the balance of the review holds together.

We will also have to state that we have no reports pro or con about customer service so we cannot report on this at this time but we are very busy trying to gather that data.

09-11-2011 update: Once in the lab the testing went well. The trigger came out about 1.30 seconds for with and without flash. The day and night range came good with good color and a slight degree of fuzziness and the night range showed the flash to be a little weak and good out to 40 feet. The sensing was good to 50 feet at the temperature of 78 degrees.

11-19-2011 update: Battery life lasted 3812 pictures and 86 videos in 68 days total.

Trigger Tests
( without flash 1.29s)

( with flash 1.31s)

Flash Range
(camera only)

Day Range/8 Plate

Dead Pixel Test
(some dead pixels)

Video Samples

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