2012 Hunten Outdoors GSC35-50IR/June 10, 2012



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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
ManufacturerHunten Outdoors
Flash TypeIR Black Flash
Battery Type4 x C
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range25 feet
Trigger Time without flash1.29s
Trigger Time with flash1.34s
Video Trigger Time
Day Range
Battery Life10,554 pictures and 44 videos over a period of 75 days.
Filter ClunkAudible at transition
Invisible FlashIR Black Flash. Faintly visible at 6 feet.
Motion Blur
Sensing Test65 feet at 70 degrees
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2012 Hunten Outdoors GSC35-50IR 53 count black IR 5 MP digital camera review

This is just a little square handful of camera. Boosting a price of $119 and advertizing says it is black flash. I lined up this camera with the Wildview camera that is currently in review and compared the specs. There is some similarities but not exact. The resolution ratings are different but the image sensors are the same. Burst is 6 on the WV and 4 on this camera. This camera has a fixed 20 sec video and the WV has more settings. The WV sells for $150 and that is 30 dollars above this camera. I normally would not do this type of comparison except they are being tested at the same time. I see that this camera is rated to have a one second trigger and the WV was tested and was above 2 seconds. This camera has a 10 second delay and the WV has a 20 second delay.

So much for the comparison and let’s just talk about this one. Out of the box it is a very impressive little camera in appearance. This being the case and if the black flash category holds up and we get satisfactory function this is going to whop some butt maybe. I am a fan of this style of camouflage and with the black screen it should hide very well on the tree. Being that this company has now got some experience under their belt and are also pumping out cams for Primos and others, I see no reason for anyone to feel slighted if they had these hanging on their trees. Of course we would want to insure that the performance was there first.

Being about 6 inches square and a couple inches thick it has a small array cover at the top front and the camera lens and PIR just below. There is the external battery port on the bottom. The back has the strap loops and bark grabbers. Inside the C cell battery tubes are left and right with the LCD and control buttons in the center. The SD card slot (32 gig) is under the bottom edge under the buttons. There is no built in security on this camera other than the Python loops built into the back of the camera.

With four pre tested C cells loaded into the tank and a short trip to the dark room let me know a few things. First off is the trigger seems to be as advertized. The delay also seems to be as advertized. The flash how ever is not as advertized and will have to be classed as very low glow. It was faintly visible at 6 feet. The front lights should be covered when deployed because of the red and green indicators. The strength of the flash seemed somewhat dim but should be alright to 25 feet judging from this unofficial walk through. The outside in good light produced some pretty good pictures. Please remember this camera is extreme low glow and is in the one second trigger time range with a selling price of just over a hundred dollars. Might be hard to beat if the longevity proves out and no additional faults are found. It was pretty warm during my morning sunlight testing but it was catching me pretty easy out to 40+ feet so sensing should be ok.

The supplied manual just has a brief description of the programming procedures and not much more. The programming was super simple and easy to follow without ever opening the pamphlet. The warranty is listed as being one year as long as the card is sent in. A receipt is required also. There is no pay to play clause in their warranty which is very good. The WGI influence is very much apparent in the display and programming procedures. One of our forum vendors sells these cameras and so far we have seen no reports of any issues and I found no indication of any issues during my on line searches. That could be because they are fairly new or it could mean that they are fairly dependable. We will find out as the time goes by.


Progress and Activity
06-16-2012 update
06-16-2012 Update:  We managed to get it to the flash/day range and do some sensing testing which showed that we got 65 feet at 70 degrees. We are starting to really like this camera. Let’s hope it holds together for the balance of the review.
06-19-2012 update
06-19-2012 update:  The sample pictures rolled in and the video captures have happened and for a very near black flash camera this little hundred dollar camera has not disappointed. The pictures and video’s are not the absolute greatest but for the price they are very respectable and actually are much better than some of the samples we have gotten from far more expensive cameras. Take a very close look for yourself and see what I mean and while doing that glance over at the trigger time pictures. I have grown to like this little camera.
06-21-2012 update
06-21-2012 update:  One of the oppositions to this camera was the flashing indicators on the front of the camera. The factory folks tell us that the light sensor is incorporated in the camera module so these indicators can be covered with a small piece of black electrical tape.
09-06-2012 update
09-06-2012 update:  seventy five days on a set of batteries which gave us a total of 10,554 pictures and 44 videos. This little camera has given us exceptional service and very good battery life. The bang for the buck is certainly here. This review is closed.

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