Hunten Tactix Elite/April 03, 2014


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  • Resolution: 8.0 MP Day / 5.0 MP Night Trigger Speed: 0.8 Second Flash:
  • Invisible Black IR LED (70 ft range) Sensor:
  • Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR). Activates when motion and heat is detected (60 ft range) Format:
  • JPEG Digital Still Pictures Image:
  • Day Image Color, Night Image B&W, Day Video Color, Night Video B&W Snap Shot:
  • 3,5 Burst Format:
  • AVI Digital Video Clips 640 x 480 External Memory:
  • Removable SD Memory Card up to 32 GB Programming:
  • Digital Display: LCD Display Power Supply:
  • 8 AA Battery (Sold Separately) Solar Panel:
  • Compatible (Sold Separately) Mounting:
  • Adjustable Strap External port 6V-12V
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2014
ManufacturerHunten Outdoors
ModelTactix Elite 36B8
Flash TypeIR Black Flash
Battery Type8 x AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range50 feet
Trigger Time without flash1.28s
Trigger Time with flash1+
Video Trigger Time
Day RangePoor Detail Washed out color
Battery Life
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion BlurModerate to Severe
Sensing Test50+ at 78 degrees F
Sample Photos
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2014 hunten tactix elite 640×480 from on Vimeo.

This is a small camera.  This is a small camera.  This is a small camera. The 2014 Hunten cameras are all smaller than previous year’s offerings. The Elite uses a hinged, camera in the front door design.  It requires 8 AA batteries and has a small LCD screen for changing the camera settings.  There is no photo viewer in this one. It has side slots for a strap and a python cable hole at the top. It supports photo, video and time lapse modes.

The set up was easy and familiar and I had this camera taking photos on the range quickly.

I managed to get some day range photos.  I will get the camera on the trigger table tonight and get some night photos.  I tested these cameras some months ago and held off on the reviews because I ran into some issues.  Hunten informed me that improvements were made and that replacements would be supplied.  I am now testing the latest cameras and I do see some issues like the fuzzy/cloudy day time photos.  It is obvious that the camera uses a wide angle lens.

Tonight I managed to capture some range pictures.  They are different.  The flash definitely reaches 60 to 70 feet.  However, there is poor detail in the photos.  Sensing was 50+ feet at 78 degrees.

I left the camera deployed all afternoon and managed to get a few day time photos.

Progress and Activity
04-21-2014 Update
04-21-2014 update: I have captured some more photos and managed to get some night shots.  The photos both day and night exhibit a haziness to them.  I would suspect it is a focus issue however the prerelease versions of this camera I tested had the same issues.  I have switched the camera to video mode.
05-03-2014 Update
05-03-2014 Update: I managed to capture some video clips.  The clips were 640×480 with audio.  There was some road noise in the background with a mechanical sound as well.  The video mode has a similar image characteristic to the photo mode.  The image quality on this unit is not really up to par with the other cameras that it competes with.  I have moved this camera into battery life testing now.

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