2011 Old Boys Little Acorn LTL-5210A 940 (lo glow) Camera Review - February 27, 2011

2011 LTL-5210A 940

2011Old Boys Little Acorn LTL-5210A 12MP 24 count IR lo glow Camera Review

We had thought of running this review and have it merge with the standard 12 MP A series red flash camera. Because of the big change in flash we have decided to just go ahead and separate it as far as function. The internal platform is the same and only the led array is different. This is a factory application and not an aftermarket modification. Around here we just refer to these cameras as being the corn cam red and corn cam black. Even though it is not a total black flash camera it is very near. The flash is still visible out to about 5 feet, but beyond that it would be very hard to see. Being it is using the 940 array hooked to the same platform we know that it would be impossible for the flash range to come close to the red flash camera. They advertize it as being 30 feet and our first tests seem to show that it will do that. The flash function in all cases depends on reflection back so in the deep woods where there are trees around to provide more feed back to the camera so the flash will function better. In an open field where the only feed back is only the triggering animal and some ground reflection, this camera will not do as well. Those who use computer enhancement on their photos will find that a slight brightness adjustment will go a long way on enhancing this cameras pictures.

When asked about just how this camera will stack up against the UWAY camera we would have to say that the degree of sophistication in the 50B camera is apparent and designed from the bottom up to work at that light frequency so that comparison would be unfair. Plus the 50B has a much larger array that uses true black flash technology.

We will say that so far that this simple modification has shown during our initial tests to work well as long as the user knows that the flash range is shorter and applies this to the setup, we feel that most would be happy with the results of having to deal with a much shorter flash distance. If you think you need a little more flash range then maybe one of the Uway XtendIR units would be a logical choice.

The switch from day to night so far has not allowed us to hear any filter noise so the camera seems to be quiet so that should not be a concern because of the shorter operating requirements. Trigger speed is still the same as the corn cam red so that has not been changed in this application either. We do not know if they jacked up the current to the array to get this range but if that has taken place then we should see the battery life go down a little. We do know that most of the BF cameras do better with the LI cells over the alkaline because of the recovery rate.

Trigger testing will not be done and now that flash/sensing has been done we will stick it on a real time feeder and check the results with some big brown fuzzy critters.


03-01-2011 update: I really got a kick in the eyeballs when the first group of flash pictures came up on the monitor. These are not too bad for a simple conversion. There is some pretty good reflective surfaces along with the ground being covered with new leaves but it appears they do get the thirty feet that they advertized the flash would do. Day color is sharp and clear so it is my opinion that they have a winner so far with this little camera. This is in the photo mode and the distance will probably go down somewhat when the video mode is selected because of the additional load on the power. I will say that this camera likes to hang on to that day color prior to switching so the last few evening pictures are pretty dark but there have been no white out pictures so far. Take a close look at the sample pictures and I feel you will agree.

03-11-2011update: One of our next phases was inserted because we had some reports that the 940 would not work with the Uway XtendIR black flash in the video mode. We did a quick setup and as you can see by the test video that it does work fine so those who want a little more black flash range, take your XtendIR-B down off the shelf and hook it up to your new 5210A-940 and you will be in business.

03-13-2011 update: Moving on to the video mode without the help of the XtendIR showed that video mode is not this cameras strong strong mode. It does work but the range is suppressed somewhat and deployment needs to be much closer to the target area. View the sample videos to analyze this for yourself.

04-16-2011 update: Completed the battery life and we had over 3700 pictures and 507 ten second videos which is very good lasting about 45 days. We have been very happy with all the cameras coming from Ltl. Acorn.

Flash Range

5210A 940 video samples (camera only)

5210A 940 with Uway XtendIR-B connected as a black flash conversion in Video Mode


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