Moultrie A8/May 18, 2014


ImagesFactory SpecsCG ClassificationCG TestingTriggerSamples

  • Resolution 8.0 MP
  • Trigger Speed Less than 1.5 Seconds
  • Dectection Range 40 Feet
  • Flash Range 50 Feet
  • Battery Life 25,000 Images
  • Flash Technology Low-Glow Infrared
  • Camouflage Case Mossy Oak® Bottomland
  • Video 640X480
  • Color Display No
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2014
Flash TypeIR Red Flash
Battery Type4 x C
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range50 feet
Trigger Time without flash2.57s
Trigger Time with flash1.73s
Video Trigger Time1.96
Day RangeSomewhat fuzzy with over saturated color
Battery Life4855 Photos and 214 video clips over 3 months
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashNo
Motion Blur

2014 Moultrie A8 640×480 from on Vimeo.

This is a slightly larger camera in comparison to the size of the M-880 cameras we are testing now.  This camera uses a simple switch interface.  3 Switches control the operation.  I used the buttons to set date/time and that was it.  Very easy set up. The display is single line LCD thus no photo viewer on this one.  The A8 uses a hinged, camera in the back design which is convenient as the camera does not flop around when you open it..  It requires 4 C batteries inserted towards the bottom. It has slots for a wide strap and a python cable hole on the back of the camera as well as two tripod mount threaded receptacles one on the rear and one on the bottom. It supports photo and video modes.  The camera is described as low glow but it is a standard red flash and visible beyond 50 feet.

Because the set up was easy I had this camera taking photos on the range quickly.  I suffered through one issue which is a minimum delay of 1 minute.  As a tester I cant quickly move through my tests like walk tests, trigger testing because I must wait at least a minute in between each one.  As long as you are good with a min delay of one minute for your application this should not pose a problem.

I managed to get some range sample pictures. The photos are fuzzy and look out of focus both day and night. There is usable flash out to 60 feet if only it had better clarity.  I performed some sensitivity walk tests and could not get the camera to trigger beyond 40 feet which is what was advertised.  The temp during the walk tests was 57F.

I tested the trigger on this camera and was a bit surprised at the trigger times.  The tests without flash averaged around 2.5 seconds but a few were 2.2 and some were 3.07.  I believe that some more programming in China and a firmware update would correct this issue.


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