2010 Moultrie D55 Camera Review - August 21, 2010

2010 Moultrie D55

2010Moultrie D55 white flash 5mp Camera Review

We did not have this camera scheduled but after trying to review two other Moultrie cameras and having to return them due to function we finally gave up on getting a good one and went ahead and picked this camera up to fill that hole. This camera is in a grey textured case with a trace of brown here and there. It measures about seven by nine inches in size with a rounded front door. The front layout is the same as the familiar D-50 and I suspect the board is the same also. There are two small plastic clips that hold the door closed against a flat rubber gasket. Strap loops are on the back and a external battery port is on the bottom. This is a camera in the back and not in the door which is a better way of doing things. There are two battery tubes that each hold three C cells with snap in covers. The camera is down the center of the front between the battery tubes and the layout is the same as the D-50. Programming was simple and standard Moultrie style with the L/R and up/down and select in the center. The bottom edge has the SD card slot (up to 116 gig) and the USB/TV out jacks.

The search for a good white flash camera by some this year has seen the WGI and Spy Point cameras which did very good. There is some hard core Moultrie users that want this camera to fly, so we decided rather than just get our money back we would go ahead and try one more time to find them a suitable Moultrie to use. What we have seen so far on the forums did not impress us with this camera but as of today we see that there is a down load for this camera from the factory so we will see what that is all about. (http://www.moultriefeeders.com/softwareupdates/default) We will start off as is and then do the update to see if things change.

The specifications for the I-45 we just finished were exactly the same except the I-45 were interpolated to 4 MP and this camera is up to 5MP. The other two resolutions are 1.3 and 3.1 MPs. Video is 620X440 and 320X240 which is also the same. Delay is one minute on the bottom so to catch that buck following the doe you would have to use the 3 burst and hope you catch him. There is no security on this camera and I found one questionable spot in the rubber seal that looked weak but I could not get it to leak so as of now it appears to seal out moisture. The documentation is alright and readable. I played a little around here and the trigger seemed pretty slow and the color with flash appeared to be pretty weak. We have it now on the Trigger Time table and will get some of the preliminary work done so we can see just how good this camera does as is then we will update and do it again.

08-21-2010 update: Sha-zam, magic has happened and the wheels at Moultrie are turning again because the download for this camera changed the delay times down to 15 and 30 seconds. Who ever in Moultrie that made that happen let me be the first to say Thank You it is one of the best changes you could have made. This change is only for the D-55 and the M-55 cameras so far, it would be nice if we see it happening to some others as well. This puts a much better light on this review and if the picture quality is a little lacking then this improvement will ease some of that pain and still give it a better chance against its competition.

We got all lined up and applied power and the data link to the Trigger/flash analyzer so we could go ahead and knock out several cams in a row. The trigger time came in at 2.45 seconds for day and 3.43 seconds with flash. The day range pictures were a little weak on color but fairly good contrast. The eight plate zoom at 200% was sharp so distant animals could be analyzed fairly well using this cameras pictures. The application of the update took longer than they said but we held our ground and it was completed and now we have that wonderful 15 second delay time. We now are going to put this in line to get sample pictures.

08-22-2010 update: I hate to say, this camera just fell apart with the next three tests we put it through. First were the trigger times, then the day/night color pictures. The day range was not too bad but the night flash color pictures fell apart and were very weak and grainy. We had High hopes for this camera. One mistake we made is we did not officially test the trigger times prior to the firmware update so we do not know if there was any effect caused by the download. Hate to say this but this is going to be another very short Moultrie review. The modification to the delay was excellent but the trigger times force this camera to the sidelines of a feeder forever.

08-27-2010 update: Captured a few more sample pictures and I will say that they were a bit better than the previous pictures we had gotten. They are still weak in color and still grainy but acceptable for a hundred dollar camera. The two 55 series cameras seem to be the only two cameras that have gained any following out of the 2010 Moultrie line. They are still dedicated to feeder of fixed setups because of trigger times. This year there has been some hard competition in this cost area and it is a fight that Moultrie has lost so far. The new delay times will help but so far that has not been enough.

08-30-2010 update: We did get some videos and we do not like them. The video quality is poor and very grainy. This camera just plain needs work, there are competition cameras that out shine the function for less money. We are now going to close this review.

Trigger Tests
(without flash 2.45 seconds)

(with flash 3.43 seconds)

Flash Range

Movie sample


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