Moultrie M-880 Gen2 Red Flash Camera/June 11, 2015

ImagesFactory SpecsCG ClassificationCG TestingSamples
    • 8MP camera resolution
    • Less than 1 second trigger
    • 50 feet of detection range
    • 100 feet of night time range
    • Long range 850nm IR LED infrared
    • 13,500 images per 8AA batteries
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2015
ModelM-880 Gen2
Flash TypeIR Red Flash
Battery Type8 AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash RangeGood clarity and contrast. Flash out to 60+ feet.
Trigger Time without flash0.81s
Trigger Time with flash1.25s
Video Trigger Time1.45s
Photo Recovery time4.66s at 5s delay
Video Recovery time18.75s at 5s delay with 10s clips
Day RangeGood contrast and clarity
Battery Life
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashNo
Motion Blur
Sensing Test38 feet at 74 degrees F


Moultrie M-880 Gen2 1280×720 from on Vimeo.

Moultrie M-880 Gen2 Camera Review

I pulled out two more cameras this morning from the queue of cameras waiting for review.  These are the M-550 and M-880.  This year the Moultrie cameras have a new look and are referred to as “Gen2” for generation 2.  This helps to avoid confusion with models of the same name from previous years.  If you purchase a Lockbox in our store make sure that you select the one with “Gen2” in the description.

The Moultrie M-880 Gen2 camera has a similar design to theM-550 we are reviewing although it has finer detailed greenish camo pattern.  The camera has menus for its settings like the M-550 but there are additional options on this camera, such as resolution options, timelapse, flash intensity settings and more.  The two line display is back lit which is a plus.

This camera is one solid piece with a small door or flap that opens to reveal the buttons, switches, and SD card slot.  The battery is an ejectable slide in tray that holds 8 AA batteries.  This puts the entire camera in the back making it easier to aim than those heavy in front camera in the door style that is most typical.  We will keep an eye out for leaks around this seal.  I have not heard anything but this is something to look for.

The latch feels sturdy with substantial thickness and compresses the door securely when latched.  This is good as I feel the rubber moisture seal will hold in a downpour.

The camera design splits the IR array into a right and left side with the PIR on top and lens below.  There are 18 LEDS per side for a total of 36 which should improve night vision and flash range.

The camera supports 8 AA batteries making it economical to run.  The bottom of the camera has a tripod insert with the 12v power IN and USB OUT ports.

For mounting there are wide strap slots on either side and supplied is a nice wide strap.  There are holes for a python in the rear and I believe that you can loop the python around the camera face and around the tree for a better than average security.  There is no substitute for a lock box though.

You can also use the python holes for bungee straps which I will likely do.

The camera is documented as a 8MP camera with multiple Photo resolutions setting and a both VGA (low) and the 720p HD (medium) setting for video.  There is also a hybrid mode for photo and video.  There are several delay settings ranging from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.  Set up was very easy and familiar. Without reading the book programming was done in 1 minute.

Progress and Activity
06-11-2015 Update
Started the M-880 review. Gathered media shots. First impressions are that this is an easy camera to use. Set up did not require a book.
06-12-2015 Update: Range and Sensing
today I managed to capture both day and night range tests.  The day time images reveal good contrast and clarity.  There is a mild over saturation of color.  The night images have good contrast and clarity as well as illumination.  The flash is usable to 60+ feet.  There is a noticeable zoom level as the 10 foot marker barely makes it in the photo.  The max sensing distance was a poor 38 feet at 74 degrees.  PIR sensitivity was on HIGH during these tests.  Camera was mounted at 30″ aimed level to the ground.
06-14-2015 Update: Trigger Testing - firmware bug
Yesterday I started trigger testing several Moultrie cameras.  I hope to complete the trigger tests tonight. I did notice a small firmware bug during the testing of the M-880 and M-880i.  I would set the camera to video mode, run several trigger tests then power off the camera, pull the SD card and look at the captured videos.  I then put the SD card back to test the recovery times in video mode.  I would switch the camera back on and arm it as normal.  After running several tests, I would again pull the SD card.  I noticed that the camera would automatically switch back into photo mode all on its on, even though I had not gone back into the settings or pulled the batteries out.  I find that before arming the camera I have to go back into the settings where it correctly shows Video mode, switch to photo mode then back to video.  Then arm and the camera will stay in Video mode.  Don’t get bit by this issue after a two week run of what you think are videos and come to find out its only photos.  This was slowing down my testing and creating some issues until I discovered the pattern.  It is not a one off issue since it happens on the M-880-ish cameras. Tonight I will determine if this issue is on the M-990i as well.
06-28-2015 Update: Photo Samples
I captured several days worth of photos in a variety of times and conditions. I am moving the camera to video mode.
07-05-2015 Update: Video Samples
I captured several days worth of videos in a variety of times and conditions. The video quality is decent but there is a noticeable lower frame rate creating some jerkiness and motion blur.




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