Moultrie M-880C

Moultrie M-880C/June 27, 2014


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  • Resolution 8MP
  • Trigger Speed Less than 1 second\
  • Detection Range 50 feet
  • Flash Range 70 feet
  • Battery Life 10,000 images
  • Flash Technology White LED
  • Camouflage Mossy Oak® Bottomland
  • HD Video 720p
  • Color Display No
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2014
Flash TypeLED White Flash
Battery Type8 x AA
2014 Moultrie M-880C
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range50
Trigger Time without Flash0.9s
Trigger Time with Flash1.29s
Video Trigger Time1.25s
Day RangeGood with some over saturation on the color
Battery Life3452 images and 68 video clips over 30 days
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashNo
Motion BlurModerate
Sensing Test30 ft
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2014 Moultre M-880c 1280×720 Camera Review from on Vimeo.

This is a small camera virtually identical in size to the M-880 we covered in 2013.  The layout of the buttons and switches have changed. The display is still the two line LCD thus no photo viewer on this one.  The 880c uses a hinged, camera in the back design which is convenient as the camera does not flop around when you open it..  It requires 8 AA batteries which are stored in a pop out tray.. It has slots for a strap and a python cable hole on the back of the camera as well as two tripod mount threaded receptacles one on the rear and one on the bottom. It supports photo, video and time lapse modes.  Basically this camera looks like the M-880 and M-880i but has white flash LEDs which means it takes color photos and videos at night using full spectrum LEDS.

This camera, shipped in an unopened retail box yet did not include the battery tray.  It was missing. I borrowed the tray from the M-880 so I could get the test going.  I notified Moultrie about this so they should spot check this at the factory.

The set up was easy and somewhat familiar and I had this camera taking photos on the range quickly.  I noticed a new setting called WI-FI SD Card.  Years ago I tested many cameras with a Wi-fi SD card from eye-fi and found that because the power was cut off after the image was saved the wi-fi card did not have time to send the image over wi-fi.  My guess is that this setting will leave power to the SD card longer or all the time. Also notable are settings called AC Connected and Overwrite.

When I triggered the camera in  a dark quiet room I could not hear any tones or noises as I did with the M-880i.  There is no filter clunk as far as I can tell and there shouldn’t be.

I managed to get some day time range sample pictures. In comparing this camera to last year’s M-880 I feel that the image contrast is poorer and that the color saturation is less realistic.  The sunny photos have a haziness which I believe is an over exposure problem.

This evening I tested the camera on the range and gathered some color flash samples. I must say these night shots are the best I have seen in this technology, white LED.  The 60 foot coyote is clearly visible.  Their claim of 70 foot flash is closer to reality on this camera. While the photos are not quite as crisp as I have seen using a strobe flash camera, I think they are pretty good.  Like the day shots, I feel the color saturation is less realistic.

The sensing range is identical on the 880c as the 880i.  Both cameras will not trigger beyond 30 feet.  I did jumping jacks, slow walks, fast walks and the limbo. I can’t get it to trigger beyond 30 feet.

I am wondering if the pir sensing cone is aimed more down, which is the problem or is it something they can tweak in the firmware and provide an update?  I sent my Moultrie contact an email and I hope they will get back with me on this.

Progress and Activity
05-04-2014 Update
I managed to get this camera on the trigger test bench today. I found the trigger test results are .90s without flash, 1.29s with flash and 1.25s for the video mode. I am moving this camera to the field to capture some critters in photo mode. I added one of my walk test photos under the flash range section to show the motion blur level.
05-06-2014 Update
Today UPS delivered the missing battery tray.  Moultrie listened to my request and promptly sent me the missing tray.  Thanks Moultrie!.  I pulled the card today and gathered a number of good photos both day and night. I have updated the samples below.  On the night shots, if the animal moves there is moderate motion blur.  Overall I am very pleased with the photo clarity and contrast. I am switching over to video mode.
05-08-2014 update
I managed to capture some good day and night video samples and get them published.  The day time video quality is above average but not the best I have seen. The frame rate is 14 fps.  This gives the videos a sparse look which is ok in my opinion as the videos are smaller and more will fit on the sd card. The flash in video mode is usable out to around 15 – 20 feet which is similar to competitors offerings.
05-31-2014 Final update
This is the final update on this camera.  It operated flawlessly until the batteries ran out.  The camera captured 68 video clips and 3452 photos on one set of alkaline batteries.  Most of the photos were at night with flash.  I am pleased with the function of this camera but I did notice some uneasiness even with my camera hardened herd of deer with this white flash technology.  This review is closed.



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