Nutra Deer – Antler Builder Mineral supplement and attractant Review

2011 Nutra Deer - Antler Builder Mineral supplement and attractant Review - June 26, 2011

From time to time we have had these companies contact us and wish to have the message put out about their product. The word attractant is of value to many who are using scouting cameras. The thought is that these products will not only aid in the health and growth of your animals it will also bring them to an area to get their picture taken.

A bit of a warning first before we continue, this product should not be put out where sheep can access it. This product contains copper which is not recommended for sheep. The rest of the ingredients are as follows.

Calcium 6% to 7%
Phosphorus 4.5%
Salt 50% to 55%
Copper 34 ppm
Iodine 15 ppm
Zinc 135 ppm
Selenium 4.5 ppm
Vitamin A 14,000 IU/b

Other ingredients included are vitamins D3 ,E and trace minerals.

The bucks antlers are made up of 65% protein and 10 % minerals with the balance being normal makeup. Most areas have a soil deficiency that unless you supplement your herd the antler growth will be limited. Along comes Nutra Deers answer.

You take an area probably about 4 or 5 foot square and clean the soil to the ground. Pour the bag out on the soil and mix it with the surface soil. Then activate the product by pouring creek/pond or rain water to get it to percolate into the soil. Do not use chlorinated water.

Set up your camera and once this product is found the company feels they will be busy tearing it up while you are gaining a ton of pictures.

Well so much for the sales pitch, we have this product deployed as prescribed and have a black flash camera watching it. We are going to give it a couple weeks and pull the card and report the results. The ticket per bag of this product is about $25 and is said to last a couple months. That is cheaper than corn and if it pulls in the animals and they all have heavy head gear more the better.

07-10-2011 update: This has been a shocker for us. View the picture below and you will see a salt block and just to the right of a log is a small grey area where we had this product deployed. In two weeks we had about 250 pictures of different animals mostly deer but we did not have even one visitor during that two week period to the salt block or the product site. This is very confusing because they always have gone to that salt site every time we have changed the card. We have refreshed the site again and moved the camera (this time a Reconyx RC-60) to one of the pine trees that you see behind the salt block in the picture. We will again see what happens.

08-03-2011 update: We purposely left this product undisturbed for three weeks with two black flash cameras watching it. There was not even one visitor to the product in that period of time. We do not have any indication as to the problem but the deer would visit the mineral block about 6 feet away but not even one visitor to this site. This being a totally wild area our deer are very much spooky. We are now going to try the little bit we have left up on the hill with our domestic herd and see what happens. This review is closed. A final quick report will be done on the hill location in about a week.


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