Primos Proof cam 03 Camera/June 28, 2015

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A back to basics camera design built to simply capture quality images and video without a bunch of unnecessary frills, the Primos® Proof Cam 03 Game Camera helps you scout the game moving around your hunting area. Powerful 12 MP camera captures still images, HD video, and HD time lapse shots to give hunters multiple scouting options to choose from. Powerful 60 Blackout LED IR flash illuminates game out to 80′ at night without spooking it. Quick 0.4 second trigger captures fast moving game. Runs on 8 AA batteries (not included) for up to 9 months. Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty.
Manufacturer model #: 63056.

  • Simple and reliable no glow IR game camera
  • Powerful 12 MP camera
  • Captures photos, HD video, and HD time lapse shots
  • 60 Blackout LED IR flash – illuminates game up to 80′ away at night without spooking it
  • Fast 0.4 second trigger
  • Runs on 8 AA batteries (not included) for up to 9 months
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2015
ModelProof cam 03
Flash TypeIR Black
Battery Type8 AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range60+ feet with a very mild haze.
Trigger Time without flash0.25s
Trigger Time with flash0.25s
Video Trigger Time3.0s
Photo Recovery Time11.9s at 10 second delay.
Video Recovery time16.66s at 5s clip with 10s delay.
Day RangeGood contrast and clarity with natural color
Battery Life
Filter ClunkTwice a day
Invisible FlashYes
Motion Blur
Sensing Test60+ feet at 80 degrees F

2015 Primos Proof Cam 03 from on Vimeo.

2015 Primos Proof Cam 03 Camera Review

I pulled out two more cameras this morning from the queue of cameras waiting for review.  These are the Bushnell Trophy cam HD Aggressor brown model 119776 and the Primos Proof cam 03.  both of these cameras are mini cameras that fit in your palm.  Primos and Bushnell are brands promoted by the same holding company.  I thought I might look for similarities but both brands appear to hold on to a past heritage with user interface and color.

The Primos Proof cam 03 has that familiar green color scheme on the inside while the outside has a greenish camo pattern.  The IR array is positioned around the camera lens in 4 sections consisting of 60 leds in total.

The camera supports 8 AA batteries making it economical to run.  The bottom of the camera has a tripod insert with the 12V DC power IN port on the bottom.

For mounting there are strap slots on the rear and a python through hole across the front which is not a new feature but does provide better than average security. There is no substitute for a lock box.

The camera is documented as a 12MP camera with multiple photo resolution settings and two video settings including a 720p HD setting.  The camera does not record audio.  A Time lapse is supported.  The delay setting has 6 values from 3s to 30 minutes.  Set up was very easy as it is a matter of flipping a few switches.


Progress and Activity
06-20-2015 Update
Started the Proof cam 03 review. Gathered media shots. First impressions are that this is an easy camera to use. Set up did not require a book.  I captured some day range test pictures.  Images have decent clarity and contrast with natural color.
06-28-2015 Update: Flash range/Sensing
tonight I managed to capture the flash range tests and sensing tests.  The flash is well illuminated beyond 60 feet.  there is a mild haze to the image but overall pretty good.  The camera performed well in sensing tests and would trigger beyond 60 feet on this 80 degree F evening.
07-23-2015 Update: Trigger Testing/Photo samples
I squeezed in a bit of time to test the triggers on this camera. It is fast. For photos it is 0.25 seconds. I think some of the Bushnell technology has made its way into the Primos cameras.  The photos are in the morning under a full canopy but still exhibit a bit of underexposure and appear dark.  I see no white out issues at this time.  The night shots are bit fuzzy with moderate motion blur.
08-01-2015 Update: Video samples
The video samples on this camera are nice. The sound is good as well. I pulled about 4 days worth of videos and managed to get a mangy coyote at night.




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