2011 Primos TC35 Camera Revisit - July 26, 2011

2011 Primos TC35

2011 Primos Truth Cam 35 (35 count IR) red flash 3 MP revisit

Please refer to the following 2010 TC35 review page for all the particulars. This revisit will only address those upgrades between the 2010 and 2011 cameras which carry the same title. This company is a work in progress company and the improvements to their products seem to happen throughout the year. Those reported short comings from the previous year have all been looked at. These include that filter clunk issue which was widely reported. View the picture and you will see the upgrades on the front of the package.

This little switch set up camera was a big favorite of mine and has had a big following from field users. The upgrades addressing the clunk plus greater battery life means a great little camera should be rated better. We will see if it holds up to those remarks on the package.

This 35 camera and its next brother the 46 will be the only two cameras looked at by us this year. All the delays have put us behind and we have to move on and try to get back on some schedule. Please refer to the base link review for all the particulars and the upgrades will only be discussed here.

07-30-2011 update: We managed a little lab time and the trigger time for both with and without flash came in at 1.25 seconds which is real good. The day range and 8 plate came out real nice but color is a little washed. With the camera set for minimum delay the recovery time is around 15 seconds, so it is very close to switch setting. Sensing came out to be 50+ feet at 89 degrees. Flash reached out to around 50 feet. The night pictures were grainy and somewhat fuzzy. We need to go ahead and start gathering the sample video and pictures.

08-01-2011 update: It looks like our day range did not do justice to this camera. The day pictures came out very good and the night pictures did well but the flash seemed a bit weak. We did see a tad of motion blur on moving animals. With this trigger time and 15 second delay and good pictures and the advertized 200% increase in battery life this may just be a winner. Testing will continue.

08-02-2011 update: Pulled a few videos off and again this camera seemed to do its job well. Thee pictures and video samples show that this camera is capable of doing its job and doing it for a fair price. We feel that most users will be satisfied with its results. We are now just going to set up and run without break until the battery life is determined. This review re visit is closed until we get that data. All this news and no filter clunk except at transition is very good news.

03-10-2012 update: A final battery life on this unit shows that it took 11,065 photos and 36 video clips over a period of 18 weeks.

Trigger Tests
(without flash 1.25s)

(with flash 1.26s)

Day Range 8 plate

Flash Range

Video Samples

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