2010 Primos Truthcam 46 Camera Review - July 26, 2010

2010 Primos TruthCam 46

June 22,2010
Filter Clunk Update:

Because of the reports from the field the management at Primos has been hard at work with their supplier to correct the filter clunk issue on their cameras. They have sold a few 60 and 35 series cameras that have this problem. I did not find it that offensive like the clunk that we had with the Stealth 540. At least I did not hit the ditch and cover up when it went off. For those who are going to order now they say that the supply should now be the upgraded cams with out the clunk. They have not mentioned if they have a plan to do any kind of a exchange or upgrade to those who have already purchased and would want a change.

2010 Primos TruthCam 46 3MP 46 count Red Flash Camera Review

There are four offspring in this family and we have already reviewed two. This camera is the #2 in a line of three with the red headed step child (Truth X) yet reviewed as the top of the line in this chain. Rated at 5 MP for the day pictures and it switches to 3.1 at night. The 46 count array is rated out to 50 feet and the trigger is supposed to be 1.5 seconds. Case size is the same as the two previously tested cameras and this camera also has the clean brown fall camouflage color. The front of the cam has the roof protected 46 count array at the top and the camera lens is just below that. The PIR sensor is centered with function indicator just beside. There is also a small window for the inside LCD to look out through. The SD card slot and external battery port is rubber plug protected at the bottom of the cam. The back of the cam has the strap slots and the tree grabbers with the inserts to mount the Primos articulating optional mount in the center. Open the door and you have the LCD and control switches for programming. Battery compartments (4 D cells) are located two batteries each side. Programming was simple and easy but the lack of a Specification chart in the booklet made research a little harder. The programming will allow you to tone down the flash to a 25 count for close in operations. I paid close attention to that reported clunk but with it a foot away I could see the filter move and there was a slight thump with that movement. This is much more dampened than its two siblings that are still in our system. We are late getting to this camera but I have been following field reports on the forums and have seen very little of anything that I would say is negative. This camera will probably fit on most users trees and give them some very good service if it even comes close to the two that are already being tested.

I began the basic function tests and was surprised that I could hear a faint clunk about 10 feet away on my inside range. I estimate the the clunk is 50% quieter than the original versions. The trigger testing showed a pretty solid 1.3 seconds for both day and night and the day range pictures were good and zoom on the 8 plate was still sharp in detail at 200%. The night pictures are above average and good in detail sensing is good but not recorded because of the high heat during that test.

07-30-2010 update: We have been busy getting the sample pictures and just like this cameras big and little brothers it is having a hard time under the full canopy of the trees. There is a definite period both morning and evening where it has a hard time shifting its function. The results vary from black outs to white outs and some in between. Once shifted it does do a good job. Both brothers have been deployed at our other facility and so far not produced the same symptoms there. There is probably a need for some kind of a firmware upgrade to adjust the light metering and day/night sensing. Those pictures that were not affected were sharp and clear for both day and night.

09-12-2010 Update: We left this camera in a deep woods setting over a trail for the past month in video mode. In that time the camera gathered 52 video clips and filled the 2GB card. Of the 52 clips 2 were white outs and 2 were mildly washed out. It is under heavy canopy. We replaced the card and left in video mode. Thus far the camera has taken 79 video clips at 16s each and 308 photos on the original batteries. The battery is reading 70%.

10-10-2010 update: Put on field duty for the past 46 days on the same set of cells this camera logged 279 pictures and 91 videos. We had it situated where the canopy was not a factor and it has given us good and continuous service. The bait was cat nip and our target was to bring in the cats. It seems that every other animal seems to have a taste for the cat nip except our crop of bob cats. One strange happening was that the area we had this camera located we found a Scoutguard camera that we had hung on a tree two years ago and lostin Oct 08. It also had dead batteries and a card full of videos. When we touched it the bungee broke and was rotten. Somewhere in that same area is one more that we have yet to locate. Since that week we have taken very good notes as to the locations of the many cameras that we deploy. This good service has earned this camera a rest and today it was replaced by another camera. So this review is closed.

Trigger Times without flash 1.34 seconds

Trigger Times with Flash 1.26 seconds

Flash Range Tests

Video Samples


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