Recon Outdoors HS300/September 14, 2014


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  • Resolution: 5, 8 or 12 MP Color CMOS
  • IR Flash: 50 Feet @ 19 LEDS or 90Feet @ 40 LEDS
  • Memory: SD Card (8MB-32GB) with 2GB SD Card included
  • LCD Viewer screen: 2″ TFT,RGB,262K
  • PIR Sensitivity: 3 Settings: High/Normal/Low
  • Multi Shot: 1-7 Pictures
  • Trigger Time: 0.75-1 Second
  • Video: 3 Resolutions setting includes option for audio
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Video Length: 1-60 Seconds Programmable
  • Power Internal: 8AA Batteries
  • Power External: 6V DC or 12V DC
  • Interface: TV Out / USB / SD Card
  • Mounting Options: Strap(Included) or 1/4″x20 Stud Mount
  • Operating Temp: -13 Deg F to 140 Deg F
  • Dimensions: 5 1/4″x 4 7/8″x 3 1/8″
  • Certifications: CE,FCC,RoHS
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2014
ManufacturerRecon Outdoors
Flash TypeIR Red Flash
Battery Type8 AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range60+ feet
Trigger Time without flash1.15s
Trigger Time with flash1.19s
Video Trigger Time2.43s
Day Rangegood contrast realistic color
Battery LifeNot completed
Filter ClunkTwice per day at transitions
Invisible FlashNo
Motion BlurModerate
Sensing Test60+ at 75F

2014 recon hs300 720p video 1280×720 from on Vimeo.


This camera is very similar to the Acorn cameras we have tested. It is comprised of two parts, a back pack and a camera which are two pieces which snap together both with latches and thumbscrews. The camera itself warehouses 4 AA batteries and the backpack also allows for 4 more. There is a rubber gasket that seals when the backpack is latched to the camera although the latches do not feel tight. I would recommend using the thumbscrews to secure the two pieces together. Also I found it somewhat difficult to use my fingers on the thumbscrews so a small screw driver is probably a good idea to have on you in the field.

In the field, it would be necessary to pull from the tree then unscrew the backpack in order to change any settings, while the bottom latched door would allow swapping the sd card without removal from the tree. However, since the on/off switch is on the back of the camera, I would recommend turning it off before swapping cards and would involve unscrewing the two halves.

A lock box is probably a good idea. A modified Acorn box would probably work but I cant say with out trying it.

The sd card and battery compartment are accessed via a flap door on the bottom of the camera. A thumbscrew also secures this hinged assembly. The threaded insert is embedded in this latched door and could be a bit fragile unless securely screwed down.

The led flash array is separated into two sections. One at the top with 19 leds and one on the bottom with 40 leds. As a result there are options to activate one or both arrays to control flash range and battery consumption.

I like the mild camo and dull green color and I feel it will hide and blend fairly easily.

There are some interesting options on this camera as I move through the menus. audio recording is optional which is good for law enforcement use. The delay setting can be programmed from OFF (no delay), from 1 second all the way to 1 hour, 59 mins, 59 seconds. So If you want a minimum delay of 2 hours hours it would appear you can do that.

It has a cycle recording option to overwrite the oldest data when the card is filling up. It has a photo + video recording option. There is a timer option to control operational time of the camera and a time lapse function. It also supports several digital zoom modes as well.

The frames per second is adjustable on the video with either 15 or 30 fps. I expect that set at 15fps your videos will take up less space on the sd card which is a good option in my opinion. Generally 15fps is suitable and 30 is overkill but it does depend on your goals.

Dark room tests reveal a visible red flash, and a single quiet filter clunk that occurs once.  The clunk will theoretically occur twice a day which is good.

Overall this is a fairly nice camera. My main complaint is that a screw driver is needed to attach the backpack. My recommendations would be to have longer thumbscrews to enable you to actually use your thumbs and that the latches on each side were a bit tighter.

Progress and Activity
09-14-2014 Update
Last night rain continued so no range shots were captured. Today we have a constant light drizzle so I put the camera on the trigger test bench and captured those results. The trigger with out flash came in at 1.15s and with flash at 1.19s. The video trigger time is right at 2.43s.
10-14-2014 Update
In studying the photos samples, I have noticed on cooler nights under 70 degrees deer passing at 80+ feet and the triggering the camera.  I see a pair of eyes only but this shows good sensing with out being overly sensitive.
09-20-2014 Update
Tonight I performed the flash range and sensitivity testing. This camera sensed beyond 60 feet at 75 degrees. The flash range photos provide usable flash beyond 60 feet with decent quality.
09-22-2014 Update
I managed to capture some day and night video clips in 720p. The daytime video is very nice. At night the videos are over exposed and there is a white out issue during transition times. The audio volume is fairly low. Also, I noticed that the day time frames per second is 30 while the night time videos are around 11. You will notice a bit of jerkiness in the night videos as a result. I am moving this camera into the battery life phase now.

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