Ball Swivel Camera Mount



Ball Swivel Adjustable Camera Mounting Bracket by CamLockBox.

This bracket is designed to utilize the threaded tripod insert on the backs and bottoms of most camera models.  The swivel mount can be lag bolted to the tree or surface or it will accept cinch or ratchet straps for trees or poles.

The ball socket camera mount rotates 360 degrees and tilts as much as 180 degrees up and down for precise positioning. This allows you to mount your trail camera high on the tree and point it down minimizing sun problems. A high mount also keeps it out of the sight line of both people and animals for added security. This mounting bracket is a very sturdy style mount intended for use on trail cameras equipped with a 1/4-20 threaded“tripod” attachment hole. 

Please note: This bracket is not to be used in conjunction with the Camlockbox because of the added weight.


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