Camera Security Box for Moultrie M-990i, M-880i, M-880, M-550 (Gen 2) Scouting Camera



  • Compatible with (NOT compatible with 2013 & 2014 cameras:
    • M-999i (MCG-12694)
    • M-888i (MCG-13068)
    • M-888 (MCG-13067)
    • TRACE Premise Pro (MCS-13070)
    • M-990i Gen2 (MCG-12694)
    • M-880i Gen2 (MCG-12693)
    • M-880 Gen2 (MCG-12691)
    • GM-80xt Gen 2
    • GM-800i
    • M-550 Gen2 (MCG-12717)
  • Protect your camera from theft or damages caused by animals.
  • All steel construction.
  • Professionally powder coated.
  • Can be lagbolted, belted, or bungeed. And it’s designed with plenty of clearance for large headed lag bolt.
  • Lockable with Master PadLock (not included) for added security.
  • Also set up for Python Cable Lock (not included) use which works great on public land where you cannot screw into the trees and provide the best in security.
  • All enclosures are lockable and cover the entire camera for added security.
  • Cutouts on the bottom for water draining and external power cable plug.
  • Camera is not included.


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