Antenna Omni Directional Booster for 3G and 4G



The Ridgetec omni directional booster antenna is tuned specifically for 3G and 4G frequency bands, ranging from 700Mhz to 2700Mhz. The sturdy fiber glass construction is suitable for outdoor uses and supports a 50 Ohm cable at 3 meters (12 feet)**. The connector is the SMA-J connector with a 90 degree tip for reducing leverage and risk on the top of the camera. The 90 degree connector is brass and creates a low profile, allowing cable routing directly behind the camera.

The antenna includes a mounting bracket suitable for poles, wall or tree. This is a high quality antenna that will increase your gain by 7db to 9db.

For the Ridgetec Lookout Dual camera, you should attach booster antennas to the left antenna while facing the camera. This is important.

**A shorter cable allows for higher gain on these antennas. Our testing shows that the 12 foot cable gave us the optimal signal boost and mounting height.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 2 in



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