Ridgetec Modular Camera to Battery Cable Kit



This kit provides the cabling needed to connect your Lookout camera to a 12v battery 7 feet away.

It uses the fully modular cabling design employed by all the Ridgetec power accessories.  This kit includes 3 cables:

  • Camera Cable: SAE-DC barrel plug (fits Ridgetec Lookout/Fredom models)
  • 6ft (2m) Extension: (SAE-SAE)
  • Battery Cable with built in fuse: (F2 spade connectors-SAE)

Note: the DC barrel plug size is: 4.75 mm OD, 1.7 mm ID

If you need more distance then add one or more of the 6ft modular extension cable to your cart.

All the Ridgetec power accessories utilize the industry standard, SAE quick disconnect adapter.

VERY IMPORTANT:  The external power port on the Ridgetec Lookout camera is a 12 volt port.  It will accept from 9v to 13v actually. Do not use any higher voltage as the result may be damage to your camera.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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