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The Ridgetec Power Pack is all your camera needs to provide months of unattended operation to the camera.  Get the most out of your investment by providing external power to your camera eliminating the need to visit the camera frequently.

Included in this kit is the battery box with solar controller only.  The kit also includes all cabling needed to connect the system to a camera up to 6 feet (2m) away.  If you need to run a longer distance add 1 or more Extension cables to the cart.  This Power Pack is fully Solar Ready.  when you want to add solar power, just purchase the Solar Kit which will include the steel mounting bracket and solar panel.

Note: The camera cable DC barrel plug only supports Ridgetec cameras.

The system uses an ip67, waterproof, durable, lockable enclosure to warehouse a solar charge controller capable of handling up to 10 amps, and a sealed lead acid battery.  The battery is not included as part of the kit.  All wiring is provided within the box for a complete turnkey system, capable of providing ample 12v power to the Lookout cameras.  The solar charge controller provides battery voltage monitoring as well as protection from over discharge which promotes optimal life for your sealed lead acid battery.

With a good signal, expect to get 3 to 6 months of service with the Ridgetec Power pack and your Sealed Lead Acid battery.

Note: When the battery voltage drops below 10.7V, the controller will cut power to the camera, and provided there are AA batteries installed (preferably non-alkaline), the camera will switch automatically to the internal AA batteries.

The sealed lead acid battery required for use with this kit should be 12 volts and have the following dimensions: (approximately)

  • Length:  5.94 in
  • Width: 2.56 in
  • Height: 3.86 in

Generally the batteries in this category run from 7 amp hour to 9 or 10 amp hour.  This a common industry standard size, available online and locally through some battery outlet stores.

Please view the following PDF for assembly and setup: (this mostly applies to the solar side but is still an important read)

Read Power Pack Assembly and Diagnostics Guide


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Weight 3 lbs

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