2011 Spypoint IR-5 Camera Review - March 12, 2011

2011 Spypoint IR-5

2011 Spypoint IR-5 35 count red flash 5mp Camera Review

This camera was definitely not on our schedule but the features verses the $129 cost made us want to get one and do a quickie. This is an FL-A platform camera, based on the removable IR module. It is not advertized as being white flash switchable so we assume that their intent was to just use the IR module with their special IR-5 firmware. This little camera has a lot of big boy features but is a single picture resolution and single video resolution but still has the burst feature and adjustable video length. They are staying with the camera in the box style where you can mount the case yet pull the whole camera out and go set on the ATV and do your card change and return the camera to the box and the aim will still be there. This camera is about half again the size of the new M-100 Moultrie but still can be labeled as being at the top of the mini style cameras.

In line down the front are the camera, array, and the PIR sensor. There is the true tri-pod insert at the bottom along with the 12v external battery port. It sports a good heavy duty sealed case in a good fall bark color. The back of the camera has the belt and Python loops and some contoured tree grabbers to hold the aim. The latches are aggravating to undo but do close the case up good and tight. Inside you will see the programming panel that is all switch controlled with the exception of a small LCD where the date time are set by using the up/down and enter buttons. The inside edge of the camera module has the SD card slot and PIR sensing adjustment. USB and TV out are next to the SD card slot. The battery compartment holds just 6 AA cells which has a locking cover to hold them in place.

Move the first programming switch to test and hit menu and then the up and down buttons and very quickly the date time is set. Now here comes the kick in the butt. This camera has a full minute of delay as minimum. It is pretty fast on the trigger but when we are proceeding through our evaluations and have to sit and wait and watch the clock just to start the next sequence it gets aggravating but the small battery capacity and fewer pictures will relate to much longer battery life.

Here is a word of caution in the SD card area. Make sure that the card actually seats and is locked all the way in because if it does not and pops out a little, it will get caught by the case rim next to the hinge and will break. My card did not break but if I had not been going very slow it surely would have with the amount of pressure that is applied that close to the hinge.

Set up on single capture and the minimum delay I caught a few pictures and studied the results which seemed to be sharp and clear for this hundred range dollar camera. The sun is leaving me so I cant get to the day video today but maybe tomorrow I will see how well they look for a quick initial evaluation.

3-19-2011 update: The sun was grey so I just shipped over to Anthony for some Trigger testing which came out in the 1.2 second category for both day and night operations. The day range pictures were exceptional and a zoom on the 8 plate was still very sharp and clear. Our sleep tests did not show any delay due to that. The sorry old one minute delay sure makes things go slow during testing and are just plain aggravating. Sensing proved to be 57 feet at 79 degrees. This evening we will try to get the flash range done and then get on to gathering sample pictures.

03-20-2011 update: While we were on the flash range we also did the XtendIR black flash conversion tests with this camera. The straight red flash proved to be out to 60 feet and the black flash did pretty good and it was out to 50 feet. We need to get our hands on the Spypoint black flash Booster and also start testing just how it works with these cameras. This little camera seems to be doing a very good job with the exception of having to wait that delay period. The multi shot will help but then there would still be that same one minute wait until the next set would be taken.

03-23-2011 update: This camera spent several days looking for animals but we were not blessed with a whole lot of visitors. The few pictures that we did get were very good but there is a pronounced amount of movement blur in the night pictures when the animals are walking. We have yet to see anyone except maybe the new Moultrie system where they use firmware to brighten the picture after the fact, to not only brighten the night pictures but to limit blur to a minimum. I dont think anyone will complain about the day pictures being produced by this camera. We will have to slide on to the video evaluation. Please view the sample pictures.

03-26-2011 update: We only managed to get one day video of some corn being put out but we did get a plenty of night videos. The video quality is somewhat fuzzy and would probably fall into the average category. The movement was smooth and not choppy. Black to white contrast was good. The strong point so far with this camera is the nice clear day pictures.

03-29-2011 update: Slipped the programming back to pictures and went after some day pictures over a few piles of corn and this camera again did not disappoint us and gave some very good results. Mixed with the day pictures were a few night pictures and again we will say that they are good but do not come up to where the day color pictures are. The over all function has been very good so far with out issue. The price tag makes it fit right up next to a couple of the competitors like the Stealth Archers Choice and the Moultrie M-80. They will have to work to get even with these day pictures. We will see because both are scheduled to arrive.

04-23-2011 update: In its hidden location on the hill this little camera just keeps on collecting pictures and still does not want to give up due to lack of power. We have seen mostly very good comments about this camera from other users. The battery life test will continue and we will continue to enjoy the pictures.

04-30-2011 update: The picture count is up to 1204 plus 44 videos and the batteries still are good according to the indicator. We will let it keep on catching its view of the wild and we will see just how long it can be left on the tree before we run out of power.

06-08-2011 update: How about this, 5838 pictures and 44 videos in over 70 days? That set of batteries did a very good job. We have come to the end of the review with this data. The field reports also have found a lot of favor with this camera.

Trigger Tests
(without flash)

(with flash)

Flash Range
(camera only)

Camera + Uway XtendIR-B black flash conversion

Day Range/8 Plate

Video Samples


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