2010 Spypoint IR6 Camera Review - August 22, 2010

2010 Spypoint IR6

2010Spypoint IR6 6MP 46 count Red Flash Camera Review

Built in the same style as the previous cameras this little four and a half by six and three quarter inch camera comes in both black and camouflage colors. Keeping with the same style this is a camera in a box design. This means that the camera case can be mounted to the tree and when the door is opened the whole camera can be removed and serviced then returned and the aim will be maintained. Flash range has not been an issue with these cameras and the 46 emitters will pump enough light down range for most conditions. Good tight latches and a weather sealed door will keep things dry inside during foul weather. External sealed battery port will allow hookup to their external battery system. Most of the previous cameras have not had any issue with trigger times so we think this camera will be the same. These folks operate much like Leaf River and do updates un announced through out the year plus provide down loads when necessary to keep all cameras that are out operating to their very best. This camera is said to be able to take a 32 gig card (I would hate to have to by a half dozen of them at one time) for memory. Video resolution is fixed at 640X480 AVI. Typical TV out and USB ports are available for hookup. The sensitivity is adjustable for those extreme temperature swings. This camera operates off 6 AA style batteries rechargeable or lithium/alkaline standard cells. There is a low battery indicator to let you know when to replace or recharge the internal cells. The switch style programming has gained favor with a great many users because of the fast simple means of setup. Only the date/time needs to be entered through the LCD and programming buttons. Most Spypoint owners are very happy with their cameras and we have heard good things about their customer service. Off to the tables and testing center for a little deeper look at this camera.

08-23-2010 update: A big hole opened up once we got rid of all that load of BTC mess and now we are moving at the normal rate through the reviews. The trigger times are very good and just over a second at 1.38 for both with and without flash. The flash range is exceptional at 70 feet. Sensing was 38 feet at 82 degrees. We slid the cam over immediately after the sensing test on the feeder and within an hour we had some visitors which allowed us to get both day and night samples all within hours. The day pictures are a little over saturated to the point when zoomed to the 8 plate there is distortion due to color. Most would probably like the pictures that way until they needed to get some fine detail by zooming on a particular area. The light sensing hung in there and kept the camera from whiteout but it got close for a couple of pictures during the transition. This camera is much like the WGI IR-8 with its flash. The flash is very strong and will produce IR burn at 20 feet on animals. Being this camera has good adjustable sensing you could move this camera back away from the target area and it will do very good. It pumps light down through the woods past 70 feet so flash is not an issue as far as amount of light being delivered. We did see occasional head and leg blur which is expected and was not an issue.

This camera is just a tad bigger than that ill fated BTC XLT that most are familiar with. It has a very course textured camouflaged color finish that is some of the best case work we have seen in the industry. There is no reflection and the array is also broke up by a grill. The PIR sensor lens is an over sized round multi zone inch and an eighth type. Inside the camera is a full set of switches used to program. The very first thing I noticed that I did not like was the delay switch only goes down to that Moultrie/Stealth one minute time. This can be worked around with the up to 4 burst mode on this camera. Most every one likes that 15 second minimum or lower and where the delay only goes down to 30 seconds at least have a burst 9 to take up the slack and catch that buck following the doe scenario that everyone uses, lets hope the burst 4 is enough. The first switch is the photo/video, test (program and walk test), view (check picture count). Then that other switch I talked about above next to the burst up to 4 switch. Video length is the last switch up to 90 seconds with the popular 10 second at the bottom. Selecting menu will allow the setting of the high/low resolution and allow access to setting date/time. The battery compartment takes 6 AA cells under a cover to keep them secure.

This camera is the cam in a box design as mentioned above but it is also a cam on the ground if you are not careful. The little latch that is suppose to hold the cam into the box when the door is opened is for some reason not catching the assembly and the cam will fall out if bumped. I studied the latch and all seems fine but when fully assembled and the door is closed everything fits great. Pop the door open and swing the cam open (cam is in the door) and out comes the camera without any effort at all. The bottom of the camera has a tri-pod insert and two jacks for external battery and solar panel for those long deployments with a king sized card.

This is a really great camera with the exception of the delay feature but with the burst 4 work around we will see how well it works and the time it takes to accomplish a full run through of that feature. The price is from $169 to $199 depending on where you shop. This puts it in the same running as the BTC but the comparison cannot be made because of the difference in features. What I could say is that this camera does work and does work the way they say it should.

08-28-2010 update: We are running a little out of sequence with the data here but we will work around until we get it all incorporated. We pushed hard to gather the sample pictures and believe me we got a bunch. With the afternoon storms and dark conditions this camera did not get any white out pictures. All pictures had animals and they were mostly centered in the pictures. The IR burn on close targets is a problem so this camera must be backed back away from the target area to prevent this. This camera will be very high competition to the BTC if the delay was lowered to at least 30 seconds. What this camera does, it seemed to do well.

08-29-2010 update: Video mode with this camera seemed to be a tiny bit fuzzy but still above average. To make it past the transition period and not have issues is saying a lot because we have had several recently that could not make the cut. If they can modify the burst/delay a little as we suggested privately, they might have still again a better product. That would cut the delay period to about 30 seconds when the burst 4 was used. This we feel would make this camera much more attractive to the trail users. As time allows we will be slipping through the other resolutions to show sample pictures there.

09-25-2010 update: The one minute delay kept the picture count down but we still have a full battery indication and 303 more pictures. We still get some day/night blur but for the most part the pictures are good. The good black and white in the night pictures makes them show pretty well except for the leg and head areas where they are moving. It looks like it will be a while before we start to see any degree of battery use.

10-27-2010 update: Our animal population have gone in hiding since the season opened and our picture count is way down so we pulled this camera and set up inside in order to get on through the battery life.

11-20-2010 update: This little old cam kept holding on for the longest time and we almost thought it had locked up but it finally gave up its las bit of battery power and we got a total of 3474 pictures and 95 videos over a total of 89 days. This little cam has served us well. We can now close this review.

Trigger Tests
(without flash 1.34 seconds)

(with flash 1.34 seconds)

Flash Range

Video Samples High Res


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