2011 Spypoint Pro-X Plus Camera Review - July 06, 2011

2011 Spypoint Pro-x Plus

2011 Spypoint Pro-X Plus 46 count red flash 12 Mp digital camera review

This little camera remained hidden in the maze of offerings to the market this year. It finally caught my eye after doing some research about a good camera for security use. Even though this camera has credentials that put it close to the high end scouting cameras ($ 380), it also possesses the capabilities of being a first class security camera. It comes in the same box as the Pro-X we previously tested but this camera has video with sound. It is still the camera in the case design that allows for the camera to just be removed from the case and you can walk over and set down on the 4 wheeler and make your adjustments and change out the card and batteries (the battery life has also been improved). Once the camera is serviced it can be returned to the case and aim is still the same and can be locked back up. It is available in both a satin black and camouflage depending on your needs.

This camera stands a little over six and a half inches tall and is about four and a half inches wide. The camera lens is at the top front with the array just below that. The 5 zone PIR lens finishes out the front view. Two small sensor indicators are also left and right of the PIR. At the bottom is the solar panel and external battery ports also the microphone opening plug when selected in video mode for sound recording. Inside the removable camera have a large view screen (zoom) with the standard up/down, left/right, select buttons. It is a very good looking camera and is well constructed. The full gasket and good tight latches keeps things closed up tight. Drop tests and leak tests passed without issue. Battery box takes 6 AA cells and they recommend lithium for extreme cold conditions.

Lets take a trip through the security aspects of this camera. The top resolution is 12 so that should give enough room to blow up a picture the size of a wall and still maintain detail. The electricity mode is where you use an AC adapter (800 mA) plugged into the battery port and the internal batteries have been removed. The trigger time now becomes instant and the burst mode and delay is disabled. This means this camera will take pictures one after the other as long as motion is present up to 32 gigs worth. With the ultra fast trigger and if selected sound on video, this may very well may be the exact device for security. For those needs around that distant cabin or even the back yard where AC power is available this may be of interest to many.

They do not have a specification chart but they have a features chart:

  • 12.0 Megapixel picture quality

  • Very compact (4,5" x 6,8" x 2,8")

  • 3.0" built-in viewing screen

  • Removable internal camera for easier handling

  • 46 infrared LED night-time illumination

  • Automatic infrared level adjustment

  • Video resolution: 640 x 480 AVI

  • Color pictures by day, black and white by night

  • Multi-shot mode up to 6 pictures per detection

  • Automatic print of date, time, temperature and moon phase on every picture

  • Requires a SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB (No internal memory)

  • Sound recording

  • USB and TV port (NTSC/PAL)

  • Adjustable distance detection sensor (5 to 50 ft)

  • Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)

  • Can be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack (not included)

  • and recharged by solar panel

  • 12 volt and solar panel auxiliary power jacks

  • Instant trigger time in electricity mode

  • Extended battery life

  • User friendly switch panel

  • Low battery indicator

  • Kit includes: Strap, USB and video cables

Over all this is a Pro-X with a big Plus on battery life and some other features. Off to the Trigger testing and Hill for a evaluation.

07-07-2011 update: We asked for the wall wart to drive this camera in a security application and was told that it is not yet available but is coming. This means that we can only test this camera in the security aspect provided that we can locate an AC adapter that will power this camera. We are a little wound up about this camera and have very high expectations.

07-09-2011 update: Trigger testing came out really well with just over a second day and 1.31 with flash which is very good. Delay time is fudged only by 1.5 seconds which is very close. The camera kept falling out when opened which is the same thing we had with the standard PRO model, so care must be taken when opening up this camera for servicing. We moved on to the day range and things did not go so well, The pictures seem to have a focus problem because they are just not as sharp and clear as they should be. This is not like Spypoint at all. We will make a note to the folks up north and see what they say about this fuzzy picture problem.

07-10-2011 update: The night flash range also came out fuzzy but reached out to about 60 feet. The sensing was 58 feet at 78 degrees which is pretty good for this time of year. We have sent a note to the company about the pictures and feel it is probably just an issue with this particular unit.

07-13-2011 update: As per the factory instructions we did a little focus adjustment and things improved somewhat. This adjustment is something that needs to be factory done probably to avoid a warranty issue. Please view the day range pictures to see the difference.

07-14-2011 update: The after adjustment pictures are now posted and you can judge the amount of correction that we were able to do. We feel that our old eyes find a mark improvement.

07-18-2011 update: Please view the sample videos and note the really nice clear audio with the recording. This camera seems to do well in this mode also. Please check the samples. We did not get any night video this time so please watch for further samples.

07-27-2011 update: We set up but the animals did not cooperate for a while. We then found that our video setting had been put in wrong so we ended up with some low rez video samples, which we needed anyway. One more rez to do and we will put this camera out to the battery life pasture and close the review.

10-02-2011 update: Battery life data as follows, 4498 pictures and 255 videos, Operation from 07-09 through 09-19-11.

Trigger Tests
(without flash 1.2s)

(with flash 1.31s)

Flash Range
(with focus fix)

(with original focus issue)

Day Range/8 Plate
(with focus fix)

(with original focus issue)

Video Samples

Low Res video

High res video Samples

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