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Photo recording:

  • Photo resolution 8 MP
  • File format JPG
  • Time Lapse Predefined intervals from 30sec to 1h
  • Multi-shot Up to 6 pictures per detection
  • Stamp Date, time, temperature and moon phase printed on photo
  • Capture mode Color by day, black and white by night

Video recording:

  • Video resolution 640 x 480
  • File format AVI
  • Sequence length Adjustable from 10 to 90sec
  • Capture mode Color by day, black and white by night

Memory storage:

(Camera + receiver)

  • SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB
  • (No internal memory)


  • Built-in screen 2.4″ LCD
  • TV output Composite video (PAL/NTSC

Power supply (Camera):

  • (accessories sold separately, see “Options”)
  • Alkaline or lithium batteries
  • 6x AA
  • Lithium battery pack Rechargeable battery pack (LIT-09/LIT-C8)
  • External (12V jack) 12 volt battery (KIT-12V/BATT-12V)
  • 12 volt adapter (AD-12V)
  • Solar panel Solar panel (SP-12V) combined with rechargeable battery pack (LIT-09)

Power supply (Receiver):

  • (accessories sold separately, see “Options”)
  • Alkaline or lithium batteries
  • 6x AA
  • External (12V jack) 12 volt battery (KIT-12V/BATT-12V)
  • 12 volt adapter (AD-12V)

Detection system:

  • Motion sensor PIR
  • Main sensor’s detection angle 30°
  • Side sensor’s detection angle 70°
  •  Detection range Adjustable from 5 to 50ft
  • Delay between each detection Adjustable from 1 to 30min
  • *Additional 10 sec. setting (see DELAY)
  • Electricity option Instant trigger time (Connected to a 12V DC Main source only)
  • External trigger 1/8″ jack for normally open contact

Night time illumination system:

  • Infrared LED (IR) 38 infrared LEDs
  • Exposure Automatic infrared level adjustment
  • Optical field of view: 40°

Wireless photo transmission system: Wireless range Maximum 250 ft

CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
ModelTiny W2
Flash TypeRed IR Flash
Battery Type6 x AA
2012 Spypoint Tiny W2 Specs
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range40+ feet
Trigger Time without Flash1.29s
Trigger Time with Flash1.34s
Video Trigger Time
Day Range40+ feet
Battery Life1966 pictures and 57 videos over a span of 27 days. An additional 310 pictures were taken out of that figure while using the external black box.
Filter Clunk
Invisible Flash
Motion Blur
Sensing TestAdjustable from 5 to 50 feet
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2012 Spypoint Tiny W (2) 38 count red flash 8 MP digital camera review

To start we must say that the factory went to work and the camera that just came out of the box is definitely not the same camera that we tested and stopped reviewing back in 2011. The big push for battery life in the trail camera industry has caused several things to happen that has gone against the grain of many users desires. The most used method was to limit the delay to one minute which in turn made the camera take fewer pictures with a net result of battery life. This year this company has a new little trick to work around this and gives the new owner the option of selecting the delay below 1 minute (10 seconds) if desired. We feel that most will take advantage of this except in a feeder scenario. This is achieved by holding down the up button with the camera off and then while the button is depressed turn the camera on and the 10 second indication will be displayed on the LCD. The same procedure will return it to the 1 minute setting if you wish.

Next is the “black box” remote wireless card recorder. Last year this device was to be hid within 50 feet of the camera which was a very limited range and now it is our understanding that this range has been increased to 250 feet which is great. The old 50 foot range was just fine for the user who just did not want to soil the area with scent and pull the images from the external card in the black box. Where that fell short was for the would be thief who if they had had trail camera knowledge could probably find the black box. Now that range is 250 feet and the potential of finding the external recorder would be very remote.

Part of the users findings that were reported last year was the tunnel vision flash. This year they have adapted new emitters to enhance the flash on all models. This spreads the flash out so there is much better coverage and removes that flash light effect.

Please refer to the original review for all the description data which has not changed. We will give all new trigger and range tests, plus put the remote black box through its paces. This company has stayed on top of their customer service and pays very close attention to the field reports and feedback. These above changes are a result of everyone’s thoughts on the original model.

The specifications have changed somewhat so check over all of them above and you can pretty well figure out most everything about this neat little camera.

Progress and Activity
05-05-2012 update
05-05-2012 update: I did not have a chance to lab test the box for range and that will be done during out sample picture testing. I did how ever have a chance to evaluate the new 10 second delay and that did work very well. We will have a better idea of the flash improvement once we do the flash range tests. The in house testing indicated that they are on the right track. The first check for picture quality was a quick comparison between the IR-7 and this camera and my eyes would probably give the edge to the IR -7, we will have to wait for the sample pictures to see for sure.
05-12-2012 update
05-12-2012 update: The flash/8 plate pictures showed 40+ feet of good usable flash range and gone is that flashlight effect we observed in the first version. The black white contrast of the night pictures is way over on the grey side of the house. The actual sample night pictures below show a little better black/white contrast. Day color pictures are good but have a slight grainy appearance. The external box has been located 150 feet away (line of sight) and out of 310 pictures taken all but 9 were transmitted to the box and recorded at 800X600. Those box pictures were also clear and sharp. The camera was set on high during those 310 pictures. So far there have been no glitches with this camera.
05-13-2012 update
05-13-2012 update: We had all four cameras from this company out capturing video at the same time. I just happened that this was the last one that was in line to be evaluated in this mode. My first thought was that there was something wrong because we did not have any sound while we did the playback. Then I checked and found that this camera does not record sound with the video mode selection. Check the sample below for your evaluation.
06-03-2012 update
06-03-2012 update: The final phase was the battery life which came out with a total of 27 days while taking 1966 pictures and 57 videos. There were a total of 310 pictures taken out of that top figure while we had selected to use the external black box. This review is closed.

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