Stealth Cam G42NG/May 08, 2014


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TRIAD Equipped:

  • 10.0 Megapixel (4 resolution settings) 10mp / 8mp / 4mp / 2mp
  • HD Video recording 5-180 seconds w/ audio
  • Time Lapse Function w/ PIR Override


  • 42 “BLACK” IR Emitters / 100ft range
  • Quick Set
  • Burst Mode 1-9 images per triggering
  • 0-59 sec / 1- 59 min recovery time out
  • External LCD status display
  • Time / Date / Moon Phase / Temperature
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB
  • Test Mode
  • USB output
  • Operates on 8 ‘AA’ batteries
  • External power jack for 12V battery box
  • Durable weather proof housing
  • H: 5.5″ / W: 4.0″ / D: 2.5″
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2014
ManufacturerStealth Cam
Flash TypeIR Black Flash
Battery Type8 x AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Rangeout to 60 feet. Some IR burn on nearby subjects.
Trigger Time without flash1.28s
Trigger Time with flash0.67
Video Trigger Time
Day RangeGood contrast. Realistic color balance.
Battery Life501 Photos and 51 Video clips over 10 weeks.
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion BlurModerate with optional settings to reduce it.
Sensing Test37 ft at 81 degrees F

These sample photos were taken with Reduce Blur=Standard

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High Res Video Samples

2014 Stealth G42 1280×720 from on Vimeo.

This is a small camera similar in size to the Moultrie M-880 cameras we are reviewing this year.  The display is a two line LCD thus no photo viewer on this one.  The G42 uses a hinged, camera in the back design which is convenient as the camera does not flop around when you open it..  It requires 8 AA batteries which are stored in a pop out tray.. It has slots for a wide large buckled strap and a python cable hole on the back of the camera as well as tripod mount on the bottom. It supports photo, video and time lapse modes.  The clear LED flash array cover has some lines etched to provide break up of the dark blue/black leds.

The set up was easy, did not use the book and I had this camera taking photos on the range quickly.  There are some new button switch settings and labels.  These are OFF, 01, 02, 03, CUSTOM, and TEST.  I used Custom to configure the typical camera settings.  Apparently the 01, 02 and 03 are quick presets for ease of use.  This camera supports Photo, video and Time Lapse + Motion.  Like the Moultrie’s we are testing this year, the camera comes with a setting to control motion blur called “Reduce Blur” which makes more sense to me than Moultrie’s “Motion Freeze” terminology.

I managed to get some range sample pictures. The sunny photos have a realistic color profile with a minor degree of fuzziness.

I managed to capture the range photos, using both Reduce blur options.  On all shots I could still see a fuzziness which I believe is an out of focus issue.  I do not have a second camera to test with but I feel the lens is out of focus.  I like the white balance on these images better than the G30 if only they were not out of focus.  There is usable flash range beyond 60 feet.  There is a degree of IR burn on the ground and nearby subjects.  I performed some sensing tests at 81 degrees and the camera would not sense beyond 37 feet.  I would expect better than that.


Progress and Activity
05-13-2014 Update
05-13-2014 update: Last night I performed a firmware update and loaded the latest firmware, 10.78, on the camera.  I retested the range photos and today I performed the trigger testing.  I have published the results below. I do not see any change in the range photos after the firmware update.
05-16-2014 Update
05-16-2014 update: I have captured a few more photo smaples (see below) and moved this camera to Video mode.
05-18-2014 Update
05-18-2014 update: I swapped cards and managed to get some Low res video samples and got those online.  The videos are decent quality and I can hear the audio track but there is a constant electronic noise on the audio track which is caused by the camera.  I am not running a generator in the background…
06-01-2014 Update
06-01-2014 update: I pulled this camera which had been out in HD video mode.  there were two videos on the SD card of me pouring our corn.  I changed the SD card and the camera would not power on.  I changed the batteries and it would not power on. The camera has malfunctioned and must be returned to Stealth Cam.  This review is on hold.
06-07-2014 Update
06-07-2014 update: I received a replacement camera from Stealth Cam.  Thanks.  I have the camera with new batteries back out into the field now in HD video mode.  I will start over with the battery life from this point. Need more Rayovacs……
08-16-2014 Update
08-16-2014 update: This camera has finally run out of juice so we have a final battery life. The battery usage is not quite up to par with the industry standard. This review is now closed.

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