2012 Uway VH200B/April 28, 2012


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CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2012
Flash TypeBlack IR Flash
Battery Type12 x AA
2012 Uway VH200B Specs
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range65 feet at 77 degrees
Trigger Time without Flash1.67s
Trigger Time with Flash1.56s
Video Trigger Time
Day Range
Battery Life4,984 pictures and 403 videos over a period of 4 weeks.
Filter ClunkAudible during transition
Invisible Flash
Motion Blur
Sensing Test65+ feet at 77 degrees
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2012 Uway VH 200B black IR 8 MP digital camera report

The documentation for this camera is the same book as we used for the little brother U 150 camera. It came in a solid flat black case that is somewhat larger than the 150 camera. The measurements are about 6 inches tall and four and a half inches wide. The thickness is about three inches. There are cable and strap loops built into the back. The back also has a quarter inch insert for their accessory mount. There is no tri-pod insert on the bottom. The bottom of the case has a rubber plug to access the external battery port. Internal port has no polarity markings. The front of the camera has the blacked out array at the top and indicators along with the main lens just below. The wide angle PIR sensor is across the bottom.

Camera case has a weather tight seal. Inside the case has the SD card and blank Sim card slot. The inside bottom edge has the un marked polarity external battery port There is also a USB and main switch beside that port. The inside front half has a view/playback /programming LCD screen. Below that is its associated buttons. The camera balk half is the battery compartment (12 AA) without center keeper.

Part of our research showed what looks like a significant change in the warranty on these cameras. It indicated that it is much like Bushnell which requires a payment for shipping and handling in order to get the work done on this 1 year period. Replacement cameras do not get that period extended past the original cameras purchase + 1 year period. Their Uovision cameras have a strait 2 year warranty with no pay as you go.

There is an audible clunk during transition which occurs twice per day.

The main switch location up under the camera rim is a bit of a hassle because you have to use the switch by feel and not by sight when mounted in the standard manner. Maybe after some use, one could remember just how each position feels, but it is still somewhat troubling.

This camera IR function falls into the very low glow category. The flash can be seen fairly easy at 6 feet so we cannot classify it as being true black flash.

Progress and Activity
05-17-2012 update
05-17-2012 update: The replacement camo version tested to have a flash range of 65 feet at 77 degrees. The trigger came in at about a second and a half for both day and night operations. Sensing test proved 65+ feet at 77 degrees.
06-24-2012 update
06-24-2012 update: The batteries finally failed on this camera. We captured a total of 403 videos and 4984 photos over a 4 week period. This review is now closed.

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